I just received my certification for Topical Applications of Essential Oil!! Oh sweet relief!! For so long now, I’ve been wanting to enhance my ability to speak about essential oils and to help people with one-on-one personalised natural care…
And hanging that certification up on the wall – has given me such boost of energy and ideas, confidence and excitement for the future.
And I realized how important that feeling is… we need those boosts. Big ones, but also small ones too… 
So, newly certified – I decided to blend up a remedy that will make you feel refreshed and restored and give you a boost –  and nothing has that instant effect like an ocean blue, orange-scented body scrub.

This blue wave is mineral-rich spirulina and cane sugar, which I powered down to feel like the softest beach sand. I can’t stand a gritty, grainy scrub. I like it smooth and lush, it makes your body feel so good, your skin soft like velvet. 
To get that soft texture, I always blend the sugar in a blender, stopping just before it becomes powdered sugar! A few pulses will do it.

Essential Oil Therapy:

The first thing I learned in my certification, is to keep the essential oils simple, focused. 
When I think of a boost, I think of citrus – that burst of freshness it cuts through stagnation like nothing else. Orange essential oil is inexpensive, it’s readily available and has feel-good benefits:

  • creates a bright, invigorating, positive ambiance
  • clears the mind of worry
  • supports skin clarity 
  • assists in detoxification
  • soothes tummy discomforts 

Give me a Boost Body Scrub

1/2 cup cane sugar
1/4 cup plant oil
1 tbsp spirulina powder
10-15 drops sweet orange essential oil

Blend the cane sugar a few seconds, right until it begins to powder.
Pour into a bowl, mix in the spirulina powder
Add the essential oils to the plant oil and then pour the whole thing into the green-tinted sugar. 
Mix to combine. 
In the shower, wet your body and then turn off the water.
Scrub all over, from neck to toes
See how good you feel when you come out!

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  1. Really quick and simple. I have al the ingredients on hand and will be making the salt soak with the oranges and the body boost sugar scrub. Iā€™m so excited. Thank you for sharing. Happy holidays

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