This is big news! The Straits Times is running a DIY series and has chosen our Infused Vinegar recipe to kick it off! The article was published this morning so, if you’re visiting from the Straits Times, a big hello and welcome to Little Green Dot! This natural cleaning recipe is the exact one we teach students in our Green Living workshops – and now you can start making it too!

Conventional cleaners are often made with harsh chemicals that you shouldn’t need to expose your family and yourself to, simply to clean your home. If you’ve ever had to hold your breath while cleaning, that’s a big sign that something is not right! Once you see how well an infused vinegar works on your counters, windows and mirrors… you’ll never want to spend another dollar on harmful chemical products again!

Infusing vinegar is great fun – you can create your own custom scents and actually extract the benefits from different herbs and botanicals that are beneficial to your home: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & insect repelling.

There are so many ways to use infused vinegar and so many botanicals to choose from – I made a free mini-guide to get you started.

Get the Infused Vinegars Mini-Guide to make your own!

I had a lot of fun doing research, playing with recipes, and taking photographs for this mini-guide. I’m super-excited at how it turned out and I’m sure you’ll love it. Inside you’ll find:

  • Our step-by-step guide on how to infuse your vinegars
  • Our All-Natural, All-Purpose Cleaning Spray recipe, to use your infused vinegar with
  • The best botanicals to choose for their anti-microbial, anti-fungal and insect-repelling properties

If you’d like to receive the mini-guide, just enter your details in the box below, and I’ll e-mail it right over to you!

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Have fun creating!

Living in Singapore? For more home cleaning recipes, join us at our next workshop, where we take a close look at the chemicals found under your sink, learn how to identify toxic products and bring home tips, tricks & recipes to detoxify your home! Our workshops are hands-on so you’ll get to make two products in class to start using at home right away!

If you’d like more info,  leave a message below or send me an email

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    • Hi Virginia! The Green Living workshops are all about looking at the conventional products that we use and learning how to replace them with natural alternatives. We’re big on DIY – so we teach you recipes, tips & tricks to make your own homemade products from green cleaners to healthy treats & natural skincare! And the classes are always hands-on, so you make products in class to bring home! It’s great fun 🙂

      We have 3 different workshops – and still growing!

      1. Detoxify Your Home
      2. Detoxify Your Family’s Menu
      3. Detoxify Your Skincare

      We have a few workshops lined up in now in Nov! For dates on those check out

      Hope to see you at one of our workshops soon! 🙂

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