2 pm… that’s right around the time when I start to crave something to eat. I broke away from work in search of  a snack, but got distracted along the way to the kitchen. I spotted my camera and began photographing little corners of my home. It’s nice to take time to admire the things around you. I suddenly remembered that I had frozen bananas in the freezer and the spell was broken. Here, are little snippets of that moment and a recipe for the yummiest Mid-Day Chocolate Shake – the good kind, that is!

Mid-Day Healthy Raw 'Chocolate' Shake | LittleGreenDot.com

Mid-Day Chocolate Shake

Mid-Day Healthy Raw 'Chocolate' Shake | LittleGreenDot.com

frozen bananas (The frozen banana makes this shake thick and creamy!)
1 cup almond milk (Gives you energy, calcium, and is much lighter on the system than dairy)
2 heaping tablespoons of raw cacao powder or carob powder (carob has no caffeine so it’s great for kids too!)
a sprinkle of cacao nibs (full of antioxidant goodness and a dark chocolate flavor)
1 date (my favorite sweetener! You get that brown sugar flavor, but with fiber!) *make sure to remove the pit!

1. Throw everything in the blender and whizz it up. Don’t over blend, you want it thick and frosty! Enjoy!

That was a good break! Next time  you go in search for a snack, give this one a try – it’s delicious and makes your body happy!

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  1. Cacao Nibs – you can order them on-line from BGO
  2. Raw Cacao Powder – BGO

6 responses to “Mid-Day Healthy Raw ‘Chocolate’ Shake”

  1. This sounds so delish! I’ve been wanting to use cacao nibs but haven’t given them a shot yet. Now I’m motivated.
    Love your mason jars. Such a southern girl…

  2. Looks delicious & simple to make. Thanks also for where we can find the ingredients. Could you also know where I can find Carob powder in Singapore?

    Thanks once again for sharing.

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