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A good hair oil works in two ways: massaged onto the scalp, it helps to nourish and fortify your hair follicles. Worked onto the hair, it helps to moisturise and seal your strands. I showed my friend Holly a really simple recipe, that uses some of the best oils for our hair. Once you have them on hand, you’ll be able to make a beautiful product at home that can be found in any high-end salon!!

Hemp & Argan Hair Oil Treatment | littlegreendot.com

Hemp Seed Oil: This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and is 25% protein. You’re hair will drink it up! It’s packed with vitamin E, so a good massage on the scalp will feed in those antioxidants. Remember, healthy hair begins at the scalp. You can eat this oil too! Always eat it raw, unheated, in salad dressings, dips or in smoothies – and you’ll get those healthy benefits internally too.

Argan Oil: Prized as a moisturising oil, it’s very light weight but also very hydrating! Argan Oil is multi-use, not only will you use it in this recipe, but you can use the oil as a skin moisturiser. It’s great for under the eyes, your cuticles and any dry spots of skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil: My friend Alina, of Abundant Earth once told me that she adds rosemary oil to every hair blend she makes! She’s an incredibly informed herbalist, so I listen! Rosemary essential oil is antibacterial – massaging it onto the scalp helps to cleanse hair cuticles from bacteria that can cause scalp irritations. It feeds the scalp with antioxidants and helps to stimulate blood flow – all which leads to healthier hair.

These ingredients combined will produce an oil that your hair will absolutely love!  Use it once a week – I like to put it on at night, then wash it off in the morning. The trick is to set a routine that works with your schedule. You’ll see – your hair will soon feel stronger and healthier with very little fuss!

Hemp & Argan Oil Hair Treatment Recipe

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • dark glass bottle
  1. use a small, dark bottle to better help preserve the oils.
  2. fill it with your blend: two parts hemp seed oil, one part argan oil
  3. add in a few drops of rosemary essential oil, 5-10 drops for every 1/4 cup of oil blend.

How to use:

  1. on clean hair (not covered in product), begin at the scalp. Give yourself a good massage with the oil – take your time here! We tend to focus on the hair, but healthy hair begins at the scalp!
  2. work the oil down onto the strands
  3. tie your hair up in a bun, or braid. Allow to sit for 20 minutes or overnight
  4. wash as normal
  5. you can use a tiny small amount onto dry hair to help tame frizz
  6. you can also use this blend for your skin! It’s multi-use and rosemary is often used in anti-ageing care products for its antioxidants – so you’ll get lot’s of great use with this! Dab it around your eyes, use it on cuticles or even as an all-over nighttime moisturiser.

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12 responses to “Hemp & Argan Hair Oil Treatment”

  1. Thanks Militza for sharing this, another great, relatively easy ( at least not daunting) hair and scalp care recipe, which I am excited to try. I am just connecting to your previous post on using coconut oil to cleanse the scalp. Being curious, wondering if coconut oil can also be added to this recipe?

  2. I would think the coconut oil plus all the other oils would get to be too heavy, but then again I’ve never tried it. I don’t want to look like I just left the gym all day though!

  3. Hi Militza!

    May I know where you bought the hemp oil from? I am interested to get a bottle of it to use as skincare but from what I have found out, hemp oil is banned in Singapore as it is related to the cannabis plant. Is it possible to buy hemp oil online and have it shipped to Singapore?

  4. Hi Militza! I just want to know if I can substitute argan oil with coconut oil? Coz the price of argan oil in Malaysia is crazy!

  5. I want to share a very simple hair mask with olive oil. Spread 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil on my hair and comb your hair carefully. Wait for about 30 minutes, then use your hands to massage the hair gently for 1-2 minutes. Wash off with water. That’s all. I apply this 2 times per week.

  6. I love your site I just signed up two days ago and I’ve already started tge process of making my own coconut oil deep conditioner
    I’m also trying the honey on my face reference

    • Hi Tanya,

      Thanks so much for that! I’m so glad you found the site and that it’s been useful for you! Honey is one of my new favorites, I’ve been using it increasingly because of the weather here now, my skin has become dehydrated. Honey is great for that!

      I look forward to hearing how you get on with your natural skincare 🙂

  7. Hello! I like how your post is written so simply which makes me want to try myself. I am wondering if I can apply this blend onto hair that I dyed very recently. I not only dyed but also bleached some of it last week :/

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