Where to buy Herbal Skincare Ingredients Online?

If you’re in search of high-quality herbal skincare ingredients, look no further. I wrote down a list of reputable and reliable shops that I’ve purchased from, or have heard hear great things about.

Most of these are US based, some ship internally. I’d love to add to it! Please let me know in the comments below if you know of any other businesses I should add to the list.

Hopefully this guide helps you find the perfect ingredients for your skincare creations. Happy shopping!

Carrier Oils & Butters

For most skincare recipes – I’m always going to recommend going to the supermarket. You can get oils like almond, grape seed, rice bran, avocado… and it’s often far less expensive than the very same oil sold as a “skincare” ingredient.

That said, the world of oils and butters is vast – and there are so many exciting, and special types that you just can’t get at the supermarket. For those, here are some great shops:

Whole food Ingredients

Herbal skincare is made with real, whole food ingredients: salt, sugar, grains, herbs, fruit, vegetables…. which means that so much of what you need for making skincare – is in your pantry, and in your local supermarket.

The shops on this list specialize in healthy ingredients and some of the more “specialty” foods: freeze-dried ingredients, superfood powders, specialty grains, etc.

Specialty Skincare Ingredients

Here you’ll find a vast range of ingredients – that cover the whole spectrum of skincare – from “conventional” to “all-natural”

I enjoy playing with synthetic mica powders and clean-fragrances to add a fun, sensorial “skincare” experience to my herbal recipes. But, mostly, I look to these shops for ingredients like citric acid, lye, and other skincare-specific ingredients.

* You can also find carrier oils, butters, and botanical ingredietns of all kinds.

Essential oils,Resins

The most important consideration when buying essential oils and resins is sourcing (ethical, and environmental).

These shops below have a focus on quality sourcing. You’ll also find aromatic waters (hydrosol) and floral waxes in this section.

Herbal Ingredients

My happy place 🙂 This is where I spend much of my time online, exploring all the different herbs and products.


I don’t like to buy ingredients from Amazon – I’ve heard about “fake” business there and I don’t like to risk it. But, I do buy many of my kitchen tools on Amazon.

Here are the items that I’ve purchased and recommend.

  • Fine Mesh Strainer
    • the best for straining infusions – it separates out even the smallest particles
  • Box Dehydrator
    • I use this for drying herbs – but my favorite thing is that you can remove all the trays and place jars of herbal oils in the dehydrator to infuse at a low temperature.
  • Sous-Vide
    • Heats water to a precise temperature. I use it for making herbal oil infusions, to gently heat honey for infusions, and for tempering butter.
  • Magical Butter Machine
    • Botanical extractor, used a lot for making cannabis-based products. I don’t love using it for oil infusions, but I think it’s great for making tinctures!
  • Wide- mouth funnel
    • this is an essential item for me! Otherwise I make a mess filling jars!
  • Plastic canning jar lids
    • I like to use these when infusing vinegar and even alcohol – so you don’t get the rust and corrosion that can happen with metal lids.
  • 4 oz amber pump bottle
    • I use these bottles for packaging herbal oils. For personal use, I find that 4 oz is a good size.
  • 5 oz aluminum tins
    • I like these for packaging balms which I use all over for deeper moisture and care. Smaller sizes, like 1oz or 2 oz tins are great for making a balm that you can carry with you.

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