Yesterday my Green Living partner and I met at Hock Siong & Co for our business meeting – a bit of a fun change!

It’s a big warehouse of second hand furniture and accessories, tucked away in an industrial area…

Inside it’s full of random…stuff. Remnants from hotels, you’ll find pieces with lots of potential – you just need a little styling and a little creativity. So many great chairs, just dying to be reupholstered!

There’s a huge kitchen section!

And just all kinds of bits and pieces…

There’s this 5 foot tall industrial steamer, which, I had no idea what I could possibly use it for, but I really wanted to bring home! I just couldn’t think of a good enough reason to explain this one to my husband, but man I wanted it!

It’s a pretty fun place… definitely worth checking out!

Hock Siong & Co
153 Kampong Ampat (near Tai Seng MRT)

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