Today’s recipe is simple, and inspired. But, first, let’s talk about inspiration

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Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in this “inspiration hole”. It’s where you’re so deep in recipes, ideas, books, tips, podcasts, cleanses, routines that you must absolutely try – and managing all that mess, starts to feel… draining.

Have you been there?

Let me tell you a quick story about how getting stuck inside an inspiration hole almost killed my motivation.

When I first started learning about green living – I was inspired with a capital “I”! 

I would spend all my free time hands-on, trying new recipes, testing out ideas and creating hilarious disasters – and you know what – it was the fastest period of growth of my life!

I went from being a total green newbie (killing anything green that entered my home) to living an incredibly fulling eco-lifestyle, teaching hundreds of people in workshops and speaking on stage – including a talk for Singapore’s Minister for the Environment on how to live more green.

But then something strange happened.

At first I didn’t notice, but I started getting very busy consuming inspiration. I love learning, reading other people’s stories and feeling inspired.

I was fascinated to learn more about, gosh everything. I started spending all my free time reading books on anything from growing herbs to building habits. I watched TED talks, listened to podcasts, binged on YouTube videos…

I went from creating, to consuming – and it felt completely different.

Consuming is when you spend all your time sorting life, rather than living it. Researching, thinking, planning, searching… and ultimately getting sucked into a hole!

It’s so easy to consume inspiration, especially online – and it can even make you feel productive – but too much and the day disappears before you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Look, if you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a hole – in my experience, the way to get out is to take action. Take all that inspiration bubbling inside and let it burst out of you! Get moving, get hands-on and create whatever it is, big or small, that you’re inspired to do.

Because nothing will feel as good, as fulfilling, as inspiring – as doing the work.

You’ve got this! Xx

 “The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blooms and the bee comes.” – Mark Nepo

Inspiration Tea

I was excited to share this recipe with you! This gorgeous idea was inspired by a cafe here in Bali called Sprout.

Here’s what happened, I ordered a regular pot of tea… but then the waitress shows up with this:

Inspiration Tea

Wait, what? Is that fresh pineapple!!??

So, they make this hot tea, with fresh pineapple pieces, torn Kaffir lime leaves and dried chamomile tea – steeping together. So simple, so beautifully displayed and shockingly delicious.

I brought the idea home, and starting making them as part of my morning routine – playing with different flavour combinations…

Cucumber, lime, coriander seed was delicous! But this pinky blend I’m showing you today of pineapple, rosella and ginger is my favorite, so far.

Also let me tell you about some of the flavour combinations (and benefits) that the cafe offers to inspire you at home:

  • chamomile tea, fresh pineapple, kaffir lime leaves: promotes digestion and soothes your system
  • black tea, fresh blueberry & coconut flakes: antioxidants, weight loss & heart health
  • rosella tea, fresh orange & cinnamon: boost of amino acids and Vitamin C, promotes circulation
  • jasmine tea, fresh lemongrass & cardamom: soothing blend that reduces inflammation
  • black tea, fresh watermelon & fresh rosemary: stimulates the immune system

Pineapple, Rosella, Ginger Tea

Inspiration Tea-8

Pineapple is high in Vit C, full of vitamins and enzymes, that help to reduce inflammation in the stomach lining – it’s often used to promote weight loss.

Ginger is full of antioxidants, and it stimulates your system for better digestion and helps your body absorb nutrients

Rosella Tea also called Hibiscus tea, has a tart flavour that’s delicious, and it’s a powerhouse of nutrition, vitamins and anti-oxidants that fight free radicals in the body.

Inspiration Tea-2

Inspiration Tea-6

Inspiration Tea-7

Inspiration Tea-9

Pineapple, Rosella, Ginger Tea Recipe

ingredients (makes a pot):

  • 1/4 cup diced pineapple
  • 1 inch of ginger, sliced
  • 5 roselle flowers
  • 3-4 cups boiling water


  • place the ingredients in your pot, or french press if you have it
  • pour in hot water from the kettle
  • infuse for 5 minutes

After the tea infuses in hot water, you can serve it iced, which is lovely too! Either way, I hope this recipe inspires you to make it for yourself!

Now it’s your turn!Tell me in the comments below – What do you do to get yourself out of an inspiration hole?

9 responses to “Inspiration Tea – How to Climb out of an Inspiration Hole”

  1. Thank you for the recipe. What you’ve used is galanggal or the blue ginger. In this part of the world ginger refers the light yellow rhizomes also known as jahe amongst the indonesians or halia in malay.

    • Hi Kat! Yes, it is galanggal (on this day I didn’t have ginger on hand 🙂 But I do like the flavour of ginger a little more for this recipe.

  2. Thank you for the article today! Was just a great sunday morning read (I live in Romania).
    “What’s one action you can take today to do something you’ve been wanting to do?”
    R: Today I will start speaking German, not only consuming lessons, tips, listening etc. I will start creating sentences, struggle putting words togeter and making sence. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your prompt clarification. Sure, so it’s ginger that is added to the infusion tea.

  4. Thank you for this message! I’m getting out and doing something today as I often get caught in the consuming phase. And thanks for the recipe. Cheers!

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