We’re all about wellness, but being all about something, can sometimes leave you feeling – over it.

Making green smoothies? Over it. Homemade dinners? Over it. Finding joy in the little things. Over it!

Not everyone admits to it – but we all feel this way sometimes.

Burnout is when you don’t even want to do the things that you actually enjoy… I think it’s also a sign that we may be ignoring something that needs to be noticed.

If you’ve been feeling burned-out, here what I’ve noticed help me reconnect and get my groove back…

1. Remember Your Why

This is crucial. We can get so lost in the doing, the details of the doing, the work of the doing –  that we become disconnected with the most important part: the why we’re doing it.

When the work of creating an amazing life becomes burdensome, boring, hard… thoughts of self-doubt can start creeping in. You’ll find yourself questioning yourself, self-sabotaging and it’s such a massive distraction.

Stay connected with your why.

2. Go With The Seasons

There are times where life feels amazing, you’re on a roll – and then there are times that you just want to – sit it out. I think it’s important to recognise these seasons of life – to know that they pass – and that they serve a purpose.

Sometimes stepping back offers you a fresh perspective – take that chill time to notice, maybe there are a few things that needed to be adjusted…

I think burnout is a sign that something needs to be worked on, before we can continue growing… usually it’s something within ourselves. Journaling really helps to bring out your own inner mentor. Have you tried 750 Words?

3. Break It Down

We tend to juggle a lot, especially self-motivated people, we want to get into everything – but we’re not as good at multi-tasking as we think. Every once in a while we can get overwhelmed…

Break it down. What are 3 things that you want to do this week or this month? 3 things that you can feel really great about? Keep it simple and let yourself have a small, attainable and specific goal that you can work on. You’ll start to feel more in control again.

4. Change The View

A great way to bust a rut – is to disrupt your routine. Sign up to a class that you’ve never thought about doing before. Read something different, do the work lunch at a new place everyday this week…  you’ll soak up inspiration in the fresh and the new.

5. Eat Clean

When I’m feeling down, I’m ready to grab for anything that makes me feel good: wine and cheese. muffins and coffee. And while I do enjoy these treats – they mustn’t be used as a remedy or prescription or as Dr. Peeke calls it, a “false fix”.

Choosing to nourish your body – is an empowering feeling. Show up in the kitchen, make yourself a really nourishing soup, be your own bestie. Put on some music, or a good movie and spend time making a big pot of brown rice, a tray of roasted veg for the week ahead. Feed yourself food that builds you up – because you matter.

6. Move Your Body

The most interesting thing that I’ve noticed – is that the best cure for feeling tired and unmotivated – is to move your body! It sounds so counter-intuitive. Your body is screaming, no! I just want to lie flat and still  – but if you can get yourself up and moving, you’ll start to feel better almost immediately.

I think the best kind of exercise is one that connects the mind and body, something like yoga, stretching or Pilates. If you’re looking for a good program, that you can do from home – I recommend my coach, Tandy of Pimp Your Mat.

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Try it for yourself!  Sign up FREE at pimpyourmat.com and enter this code: LGDT37.

The code is valid all the way through May 2015, so give it a try!

I wrote these  down as a reminder to myself – I hope that it inspires you too. Being on similar paths, we can expect a few bumps along the way. But, let’s stay kind and compassionate to ourselves. Stay super aware that your intentions are coming from the right place and if you need to take a break – enjoy it for what it is! You’ll be back to doing the things you love in no time!

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  1. i feel like this sometimes…i start taking the morning person again.. i need to go out of the burnout!! thanks for being with me.

  2. I really enjoyed the article my wife and I were talking about the routine and burning out. We will make some changes Thank you so much. Many blessings

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