In a lot of ways, Summer defines my learning style. I learn by seeing, hearing, doing – then it really sticks. And that’s why I love the way Summer creates this perfect interactive classroom.

The long days invite us outdoors to spend time in nature, to see, hear and do new things… all the while teaching us skills and providing us with experiences that we will carry into life.

Summer fuels passions and sparks curiosity. It creates the kind of memories that stay with you.  With July here… I want to be intentional – and make some really good ones.

So this month I have a lot planned for us! And I invite you to join long…

photo credit: floret

July is all about getting more time in with nature,
our greatest self-care teacher.

                                                                          photo credit:

We’ll take some trips to the farmer’s market so I can show you some of my favorite market ingredients that will help you create opportunities for self-care at home.

We’ll whip up herbal remedies. Healing balms, soothing floral mists, playful bath treats – morning and night time rituals that make you feel your best.

We’ll get into the garden. I’ll show you which herbs will be your Summer allies: bug repelling, antibacterial, pain relieving.

We’ll teach kids about self care. With the summer break on, I’m planning a few fun gardening and self-care activities for our little ones to dig into!

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you along the way!
I just wanted first to put my intentions out there  – because I think it’s important.

That way with clarity and anticipation – we can go make it happen!

xx, Militza

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