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This has to be the cutest (and easiest) soap craft ever – no fancy equipment, no special soap-making ingredients… And the best part? Your kids are going to want to wash their hands!

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com
We all know it’s important to wash our hands – but did you know that to kill germs, we’re meant to rub vigoursly with soap for 20 seconds – on average, most only wash for six seconds. I think my kids do it in half that time! So, it’s no wonder products like antibacterial soaps have become so popular, it’s reassuring to have that extra help…

The problem is, these products don’t actually work the way we think they do – and may actually be causing more risk than benefit. For antibacterials to be effective, you still need to wash for 20 seconds – just like with plain soap. But unlike plain soap, antibacterials often contain chemicals like Triclosan that are now being linked to health issues, including bacterial resistance. So to keep your family healthy – the simplest measure remains the best: good hygiene.

But, there’s still that question: how do we get our kids wash their hands? Well – how about we give them a little incentive…

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com

This prize soap is all about making washing up, fun. Here’s the idea: Go into their toy box, and pick out a few little toys. I chose these zoo animals that the girls have ignored for months – but now captured in soap – they’ll be like new again!

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com
Instead of buying specialty soap ingredients – you can actually repurpose a bar of glycerine soap and use your muffin pan as a soap mold. It’s too easy! Melting the glycerine is effortless, it’s like melting ice cubes… you just set it in a bain marie and it melts down in a few minutes.

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com

The trick to getting the prize right in the centre of the soap  is to let it set it in batches. First, fill your mold half-way with melted soap and let it harden in the freezer. (keep the rest of the soap in the warm bain-maire)

TIP: to eliminate bubbles you need to spritz rubbing alcohol immediately after you pour the melted soap. You’ll see, the bubbles will disappear!

Once the soap has cooled, you’ll be able to place the prize and then pour in the rest of the soap.

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com
The whole project takes less than 30 minutes and true story: my kids begged to take a shower because of this soap! Give it a try!

DIY Kiddie Prize Soap


  • clear glycerine soap (I bought six bars of soap for $8 and it made me six Kiddie Prize Soaps!)
  • mold – cake or muffin pans. Silicone ones make it easy to pop out.
  • rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • the prizes
  1. cut the soap bars into small squares
  2. melt the soap in a bain-marie, or a bowl set over a pot of boiling water
  3. fill the mold half way with soap. Set it in the freezer for 10 minutes
  4. place your prize on top of the hardened soap and pour in the remainder of the melted soap
  5. back in the freezer for another 15 minutes and it’s done!
  6. pop them out and watch your kids clean their nails as they try to dig out the prize

Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap | littlegreendot.com
PS: this is the exact soap that I used.




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    • Hi! Interesting, I haven’t come across that information – but I’ll look into it!

      Glycerine is a natural byproduct of soapmaking – it’s extracted out and sold separately. Natural soap makers leave it in, because that’s what keeps the bar gentle and keeps your skin from drying out. With all things, I think it depends on the process of manufacturing and goes back to finding those better brands that place sustainability as a top priority.

      Thanks for your comment!

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