I am so inspired by people with passion. It’s not just about the subject of their passion, but it’s that energy that they posses. That drive to do the thing you love, everyday – despite how crazy it may seem.

I truly believe that the most beautiful characteristic a person can possess is passion. When they speak about what they love, their eyes sparkle. They talk with a smile and as you listen, you begin to smile. It’s infectious and the best thing you can do is to surround yourself around that kind of energy.

Here are some videos I like to watch, featuring some pretty interesting characters that always make me smile:

This is Brent Farley, he loves to find a better way to do things and spends his days inventing and building his creations, even though he has not “succeeded” yet.

This is John Nese, he loves soda and started his company on his own terms.

This is Gary Vaynerchuck, he loves wine and has made 1000+ You Tube videos solely about wine.

That makes him also passionate about social media.


I see that same passion in the entrepreneurs behind the businesses in Singapore that are going against the current and are bringing in eco-friendly options. So I’m starting a series called Behind The Brand – to introduce you to these passionate and insanely driven people doing their bit to make the world a little bit better. Look out for the first one this Friday!

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