DIY: Make your own moss garden

This idea came to me the other day when I stepped out for some fresh air. With all the recent rain, the small patch of grass bordering our building had been blanketed in a sheet of moss. I found it so beautiful, it appeared almost enchanted like a miniature fairy garden…I got down close to the ground and started photographing this tiny world. I must have looked a little crazy to the neighbors, but I was mesmerized.

Fairy Garden

I decided right there and then that I needed my own moss garden. You can actually lift up this blanket of moss in large pieces, with its roots still intact, so I carefully collected sheets of moss, dug up a bit of the soil that it sat on and brought it home to recreate this beautiful landscape.

Pulling up moss

Here’s how to make it:

Materials to make your moss garden

Find a suitable planter, and fill it with your soil. I used the plate that catches water from a planter box. Shape and mold your terrain – I tried to create the look of rolling hills by forming mounds of soil. Then begin to lay down your moss. Gently press it down and you’ll find that it wraps around and conforms really well.

Finished moss garden

Now we have our own little fairy garden in our home… no doubt it will stage many imaginary adventures…

Meabh and the moss garden

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