I have a super practical tip for you today, inspired by a friend who I recently helped. She’s a new mom, just moved into a new house and wanted to learn some simple green cleaning recipes. My advice to her was this:

Whatever you’re cleaning – always start the job with the most simple ingredients. Sure, there may be times you’ll need specialty cleaners, but most things can be tackled with really basic ingredients.

A great example of this is dish soap – we keep it by our kitchen sink, we wash our dishes with it – but did you know that you can use it all around the house too!


Companies are happy to sell us 10 products to do one job. Forget that! Bulk up on a good, gentle liquid soap and you can clean your house from top to bottom!

Dish Soap – Not just for the dishes!

Here are 10 ideas for how you can use dish soap all around the house!

  • Mop the floors. Soap cuts dirt and grime – all you need is a drop of liquid dish soap in a bucket of warm water
  • Spot Stain Remover. Soap is especially good at cleaning grease and oil stains on clothing. Dap the area with liquid dish soap, pat it in and let it soak for 10 minutes. If you can, throw it in a cold wash or rinse with cold water
  • Make (the best) all-purpose scrub. This will give you extra grit to fight tough stains in the sink, on surfaces, pots and pans and more! Just mix baking soda with liquid soap (or bar soap) until it forms a paste.


  • Clean the windows. Add a drop of liquid dish soap to a pail of warm water and with a cloth, give your windows and mirrors a good wipe down. It lifts oily fingers stains right off! Follow with a dry microfiber cloth to buff it clean
  • Clean your shoes. In small bowl add a bit of soap and water and with a toothbrush, dab it into the solution and scrub your shoes clean.

How to Make an All-Purpose Soap Spray

For all ideas below, make an all-purpose spray with your dish soap.


  • add 1 part dish soap to 10 parts water
  • mix well
  • that’s it!


  • All-purpose Cleaner – Gentle dish soaps are pH neutral – not too acidic, not too alkaline – it’s safe for all surfaces from the bathroom to the kitchen. Grab a microfiber cloth and spray away!
  • Stove-top Grease Cutter – Spray it on, and wipe the grease away!
  • Sticky Cabinet spills – Cabinets tend to get a bit sticky over time  – give it a good wipe down!


    • Clean the inside of the fridge – Give your fridge a good cleaning and avoid toxic chemicals near your food.
  • Clean Marble and Granite. Vinegar can’t be used on natural stone surfaces, so go for dish soap instead. Use it like you would any all-purpose cleaner.

Happy cleaning!

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5 responses to “Many Ways to Use Dish Soap”

  1. Appreciate your many tips that help make our buck go further, at the same time caring for our environment!

  2. can also use dish soap for stopping ants. add a few drops of dish soap to a spray bottle and an orange peel, fill up with water. spray on areas where you find ants crawling. can also use used coffee powder on ant trails.

  3. Thank you for your many useful tips for living green.
    I’m trying to live a simpler life, & I’m enjoying exploring your many suggestions for this.

  4. Hi – good tips. But which is a natural and mild dish soap that can be used? Most dish soaps are also loaded with chemicals.

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