I’m beyond excited to tell you that my book, Natural Homemade Skincare is officially out in the world and available for pre-order!!

It’s been a long process. It took nearly 1 year to fully complete the book… and about 10 years to be able to write it… 

My dream has always been to create a skincare book that felt like a cookbook. And when I think about my favorite types of recipes – it’s always been those that you look at and realize – I can actually make this right now! 

It’s simple in its ingredients and preparations – but has that wow experience when you try it. 

If you enjoy the type of recipes and information that I share here on the blog  – this book gives you that in a tangible form – easy for you to delve into and follow. 

The book starts with a routine that you can follow exact – anytime you want to “reset” your skin. If you feel off balance ( too oily, too dry, too sensitive…), this routine has helped – I’m not kidding – thousands of people! And wait until you see the ingredients, it’s amazing how simple our skin needs it. 

Then you’ll find recipes for every step of you skincare needs:  to cleanse, tone, moisturise, soften, soothe, and even a “treats” section to just pamper yourself well!

The best part is that the ingredients are SIMPLE. It’s in your supermarket, in your pantry, the farmer’s market and your garden. 

I think that’s the way to go – there’s simply no need for expensive, single-use ingredients. Not in my kitchen anyway. I think it’s important to make wellness accessible, practical and easy to bring into our everyday life.

It’s filled with traditional skincare making techniques that I picked up over the years – and that I developed myself from my own experiences. So you’ll see the exact techniques that I use to create the skincare I share here on the blog!

This book is a manifesto of sustainable living. Being connected to yourself and nature. I hope it helps you feel inspired and makes your skin (and your heart) radiate! 

From my heart to yours. 

Thank you so much fo your support. You can pre-order the book here. 

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