One of the most common pantry ingredients, salt, has an incredible history of topical use for strengthening our entire system. In this article, I’ll show you some of the ways that you can use salt in the bath for your overall wellness, to treat skin conditions, relieve aches and sores and some other fun ideas to explore!

There are many different types of salts, but I’ll go through the two most common, easy to find – so that you don’t have search for specialty (often expensive!) products.

Himalayan Pink Salt: 

Mined from a mountain system in Pakistan, where salt deposits were formed over 500 million of years ago. Geologist believe that an ancient ocean evaporated, leaving behind ocean salt, minerals and prehistoric fossils – sealed in under pressure as the mountains were formed over on top.  It created a pink salt marbling throughout the mountain, which today is still hand-minded in traditional methods.

Himalayan salt contains a lot of different trace minerals from its orgin and environment: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium… which give it its pink color and our body essential nutrients. Although to keep things in a healhty perspective, the breakdown of Himalayan Salt  is 98% sodium chloride (regular salt) and 2% trace minerals. (3)

It’s better than table salt, but as a mineral source – you’d have to eat quite a lot – and that’s definitely not healhty. Which makes topical use a very healthy way to load up on Himalayan Pink Salt and enjoy its benefits….

How to use it as skincare: Himalayan Pink Salt is antibacterial and antiseptic –  your skin feels deeply cleansed after soaking in a salt solution (4) For any skin conditions, where bacteria and fungus are an issue – like body acne – a Himalayan salt bath can help to bring relief and balance to your skin.

Have you ever had a cut or abrasion on your body and swam in the ocean?  The wound becomes so clean and heals so much better.  That’s the salt in the water. And you can recreate that healing environment in your bath.

Salt baths are not just for cuts and wounds, it’s a wonderful way to deep cleanse your skin and pores.  Add one handful of salts to your water.

Options: Himalayan Pink Salt is a sea salt, so you could easily use any pure sea salt to receive those deep cleansing benefits.

Epsom Salt

A crystallised mineral compound, first discovered in the lake of Epsom, England – which was thought to have healing qualities. The water was boiled down, leaving the epsom salts. Today, the Epsom slats are  mined in different areas and still remain a popular wellness treatment.

The benefits of bathing in epsom salts are mostly anecdotal, passed down from generations and centuries of tried and tested use. Although there aren’t any major scientific studies proving its benefits, there also aren’t any denying it. Its really about how you feel after you come out of epsom salt bath.

How to use it as skincare: The biggest benefit is muscle tension relaxation. When you feel sore, heavy, stiff in any part of your body – an epsom salt treatment will completely loosen you up. According to WebMd, the recommended dosage is 1 -2 cups per bath. (1)

Skin inflammation, like psoriasis also benefits from epsom salts therapy. Soaking for 15 minutes, can help to soothe itching and gently loosen aways dry scaly skin. (2) For dry skin, bathe in warm water (not hot!)

Epsom salts are inexpensive and very accessible. You can find it in your pharmacy, online on Amazon. It a good idea to have epsom stocked in your pantry, to safely take care of pain, swelling and itchy dry skin any time you need!

Other uses for Epsom: Its not just us who benefits from mineral rich Epsom salts! Your household plants will thrive with a little epsom salt in their next watering. It enhances bloom and rich green leaves.  Read the packaging for suggestions, but generally 1 tablespoon in the watering can will do.

Find inspiration for your next bath on my Instagram feed. I make “bath bowls” which are such a beautiful and simple opportunity for self care and wellness!

This bath soak not only soothes and relaxes your body, but also uplifts your spirits. Do this anytime you feel like you need a little bit of a breakthrough.

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