My youngest goes to the park most days – but today, I really wasn’t in the mood. It was one of those mornings where the day was just starting – and I already felt like I did 10 things wrong…

Half-heartedly, I say to her – honey, go get dressed for the park – so she runs in into her room… meanwhile I’m feeling sorry for myself because all I want to do is stay home, and work from bed. I hear “I’m ready” and there she is – dressed in her fairy costume and bright pink shades. I mean she’s three, what else did I expect! I instantly smile…

It totally lifted my mood!  I grabbed my camera, we jumped on the bike and ended up having a far better morning than I was setting myself up for…


Some days are incredible, you’re doing well and feeling good, and then there’s the days where you’re barely getting out of the house in clean clothes. It happens to all of us (right? 🙂 We can get overwhelmed and lose momentum. Luckily I have a little fairy that helps lift me up – but having a good reset plan can make us feel empowered and positive again!

So here are 3 things I want to accomplish next week:

  1. Set out my daughter’s school uniform every night to make sure it’s clean for the morning 🙂
  2. Start the week by planning our menu (full of healthy, quick meals!) and do a good shop to stock up.
  3. Buy a bucket to start my compost!

What on your list?

4 responses to “Press the Reset Button…”

  1. Oh my gosh – these are THE cutest photos ever. What a perfect little mood-lifting fairy she is… I’m smiling just looking at the photos! 🙂

    • Hi Pat! It’s Telok Kurau park. It’s in the East, near Kembangan station – just along the canal.
      It’s such a lovely park – I’m lucky to have it near my home! 🙂 Hope you can check it out

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