Quick Green Tip – Get Your Natural Soap & Shampoo to Foam!

I had an interesting experience at the Handmade Fair this weekend. Let me explain. When we hold our Green Living workshops, the people who attend, are usually already leaning towards a more natural lifestyle. They find us, because they are looking. So, when we talk about how natural products behave and how they donโ€™t behave, everyone is open to the idea of changing their perspectives: it might not taste, feel or act the same as some conventional products โ€“ and thatโ€™s ok!

But, at the fair we were faced with a few people who liked the idea of using more natural products โ€“ but had some reservations. What I loved though, was that they talked about it โ€“ which is really promising! Once you voice your fears, concerns or problems โ€“ then everything can be figured out!

I was left thinking about one โ€œproblemโ€ with natural products that I heard on that day:

ย Natural soap & shampoos donโ€™t foam!ย ย 

It seems funny, but I totally get it. We love big, bubbly, foaming products. It makes us feel more clean! You can pile it up on your head, make a bubble hat and matching beard in the shower. Itโ€™s fun.

Why would we ever want to give that up? To help us get a better understanding, Iโ€™ve asked my Green Living partner, Del to weigh in. She is part of a family who hand-make a line of natural baby skincare, including a castile soap which is beautiful, and, doesnโ€™t foam. I asked her to share from the perspective of a maker โ€“ why it was important for them to leave out the chemicals which create those big bubbles we so love!

Lots of commercial skincare contain strong detergents and foam-boosters to create those big bubbles. So big bubbles means a harsher shampoo or soap thatโ€™sย actually stripping your skin of its natural moisture!ย Not the best thing for baby (or any!) skin!

So, to all of our bubbly personalities out there, I have a Quick Green Tip for you, on how you can use the natural products that are good for your skin and get the bubbles that are good for a laugh. Who ever said that you canโ€™t have it all!

TIP: Go buy yourself a foaming pump. Like magic, it makes natural ingredients bubble and foam. No chemicals needed. You can use it for your body wash and shampoo to create that nice rich lather. I bought mine from Mujiย but Iโ€™ve seen similar ones around Singapore โ€“ I think Watsonโ€™s offers one too. Let me know if you try it!

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