Repurpose Condiment Bottles into Toys

We had fun at home repurposing condiment squeeze bottles. You gotta love how kids can find such pleasure in little things…

My youngest watered our plants in the afternoon – which is always a fun activity, but sometimes a watering-can leads to more of a mess than you really wanted. A squeeze bottle was the perfect trick – she watered the plants, kept dry and had a blast!


Bath time was a big hit. I made puffy bath paint (followed this recipe) and used our condiment squeeze bottles again. This time, messy fun was in order – and the girls loved it so much, they played for almost an hour! Which means I got to sit in the bathroom catching up on e-mails! I can’t be the only one who does that?


I’m sure you could buy toys like these, but it’s fun to be creative with everyday things…

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