This Rose Moisturizing Mist makes such an amazing light moisturizer – you can spray it onto your face, all over your body and even your hair. You’ll love that this recipe is simple to make and yet delivers big on skin-loving nourishment!i

Rose Moisturizing Mist |

Rosewater:  I used to think that the scent of rose was old-fashioned. But that’s not it at all. Its essence is like being from another time, but its aroma is sweet, fresh and springlike. Rose water itself boasts great benefits – It calms the skin, reducing inflammation and it maintains a healthy pH. It’s also mildly astringent, so it makes for a great skin toner, keeping your pores clean and clear.

Oil: There are so many types of oils that you can use for the skin and hair. When oil is cold-pressed, it means that it was expelled without the use of heat or chemicals and therefore retains all of its natural properties. Using oil as a moisturizer is smart because not only does it leave your skin feeling soft, but it builds and hydrates your skin at a cellular level. Oil contains omega fatty acids, which help to build strong cellular membranes something that the skin needs in order to retain its moisture and integrity. You can also include glycerin to help your skin attract moisture from the air and stay hydrated.

Rose Moisturizing Mist Ingredients |

 These are just a few of the oils that you can use (pick one, or a blend)

  • For all skin types: olive, almond, argan
  • For dry skin: macadamia
  • For oily skin: jojoba
  • For mature skin: rosehip seed

Rose Moisturizing Mist Preparation |

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.
George William Curtis

Rose Moisturizing Mist Recipe

  • 1/2 cup rose water
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil of your choice and/or glycerin (I used jojoba oil in mine – it closely resembles our own skin's sebum (skin's natural oils), and soaks in very quickly making it a hydrating, yet very light moisturizer.)
  • spray bottle
  1. mix all of the ingredients together in a spray bottle

tip: add more or less oil depending on how light or rich you want your mist to be

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I hope you’re getting as excited about whole food skincare as I am. Just get started, and you could have your first natural skincare product in just 5 minutes!

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17 responses to “Rose Moisturizing Mist DIY”

  1. Hi Miltiza
    Do share with us where did you get your hands on these tinted spray bottle? Tried finding them in Singapore but all I see are non tinted version, which is bad for essential oils.

  2. Hi, Militza

    Thanks for sharing this-I love it! I know you’re looking for other sources for rosewater…I always buy mine at I order from them constantly-they have great prices, customer service and quick shipping!

    And no, I do NOT work for them-lol!

    Have a great weekend πŸ˜€

  3. You can actually make your own rose water too. posted this recipe:

    “Using roses that have been sprayed with insecticides will result in the toxins being extracted into the water.
    so please only use organic roses.

    to make this

    3 parts witch hazel extract, vodka, or gin
    1 part distilled water
    Fresh, organically grown roses or rose petals

    Mix the witch hazel (or vodka or gin) with the distilled water. Place the fresh roses in a quart jar. Completely cover the roses with the alcohol mixture, adding enough extra that the alcohol mixture rises 2 to 3 inches above the flowers. Cover tightly and place in a warm, shaded area. Let the mixture sit for 2 to 3 weeks.

    Strain out the roses and rebottle the water for use. Rose water does not need refrigeration, but storing it in a cool place will prolong its shelf life.”

  4. also sells the rosewater and oils. If you can’t find tinted bottles, may I suggest a small dark round piece of material that you can gather around the bottle and tie with a pretty ribbon around the neck?

  5. Hi! Was inspired by this post so ordered rosewater and jojoba from Vitacost (totally agree with previous post that it’s a great website to purchase a range of eco and cruelty free products from). One question I have is, what’s the best way to mix the water with oil? Obviously oil and water doesn’t mix so I find my jojoba oil floating at the top of the spray bottle. Do you shake or tip the bottle upside down?

  6. Hi! What a lovely website you have πŸ™‚
    I actually have made the similar batch before I read this article, but I use mine as cleanser. I’m using grapeseed oil (75% rosewater : 25% grapeseed oil), since it’s the best oil for oily/combination skin. It works really well for light make up.

    • Hi Asa! Thanks for that! πŸ™‚ Yes! It would make a great cleanser too. I’ve been playing with making cleansing cloths out of flannel fabric. It picks up a lot more dirt and make-up. I just cut squares πŸ™‚

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