Herbalism is growing FAST – in just the last couple of years, we’ve seen old-traditions making a big comeback as more people turn to herbs to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re wanting to start a new herbal routine, or reignite an old one – I’m here to help you make wellness feel more accessible… And by that I mean, accessible in cost, in the availability of the ingredients, and in effort!

Here are some tips that you might find helpful.

3 Keys to Making Herbal Wellness More Accessible


There are so many herbal products, new ones popping up everyday! But if you can’t buy them, that shouldn’t mean you can’t have  the same benefits! One of the first herbal products that I made was a baby wash made with oats and chamomile  – because I couldn’t afford to buy the store bought version… so I made it myself. 

Making herbal remedies like infused oils, bitters, tinctures and fire-cider can take a long time… but NOT a lot of effort! Really, the hardest part about making these types of remedies – is being patient enough to wait 4-6 weeks for the herbs to infuse.

And the biggest benefit of being self-made – is that you can afford to fill your home with an abundance of wellness products. 


Yes something like Kava Kava is amazing at soothing body aches. Orris Root Powder smells amazing in facial blends. But these herbs are obscure. And if an herb is hard to find, or too expensive to buy – the good news is that nature gives you lots of options!

Often the most accessible herbs are those used for cooking and seasoning, they’re easy to find, and less expensive to buy.

Think about rosemary, fresh mint, thyme, ginger… they’re some of the BEST REMEDIES for soothing muscle aches, boosting circulation, reducing inflammation, easing anxiety, protecting yourself from free-radicals…


When you focus on culinary herbs, it’s easy to get a big bunch of herbs at the supermarket, farmer’s market, garden bed… and dry them yourself at home. You can use a dehydrated or air-dry them. 

This preserves the herb, so that you can then use it in LOTS of different ways.

And there’s no comparison to freshly dried herbs! Its so vibrant, and aromatic and flavor. So for less money, and little effort – you can stock your pantry with the best quality herbs –  dried mint, and rosemary, ginger and basil – and you’ll have basically an entire collection of wellness for skin, body and mind… right at your fingerstips!

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