DIY Skin Polishing Recipe – For Skin So Smooth You Won’t Believe It!!

This is probably the best diy skin polishing recipe, ever. It’s like getting a microdermabrasion treatment, at one-millionth the cost. And I bet good money that you already have  the ingredients at home: baking soda & soap!

Baking soda is unlike other scrubs – the micro grains act like sandpaper, which sounds like the last thing you’d want for your skin, expect for when you do. It’s still gentle enough – but it does such an amazing job at removing that dead, outer layer of the skin: the layer that is responsible for dullness and fine wrinkles and where sun-damage lies. It also helps with those miserable blackheads that like to pop up! No worries, with a little baking soda – bumps become smooth, skin glows… cakes rise, it’s amazing stuff!

DIY Skin Polishing Recipe |

DIY Skin Polishing Recipe

Militza Maury |


  • baking soda
  • normal face wash


  • pour a little face wash in the palm of your hand
  • add baking soda until you create a paste
  • very gently scrub your face, or why not grab your body wash, jump in the shower and do your whole body!
  • wash with water and then feel how incredibly smooth your skin is!


Do this once or twice a month, but no more than that – or your skin may get sensitive and peel. This treatment not only keeps your skin renewed, but it makes for better absorption of the moisturisers and serums that you apply, which means you get more benefit out of your products. Just make sure there are no chemicals in your products, you don’t want your new skin soaking all that in! Go do it! :)
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