How To Clean Your Oven

I once heard that if you’re renting or buying a home, a good way to check how well it’s been maintained, is to check the oven. If there’s baked on mess from years of lasagnas – it’s not a good sign!

The oven is often neglected and if it’s gotten bad, it’s not an easy mess to clean up. That’s when we need to use strong oven-cleaners, but these things are one of the most toxic products you can clean with. Classified as hazardous – they’re incredibly corrosive, full of harsh chemicals and you don’t need that anywhere near you, your family or food!

This is a natural solution that I use at home. It’s so easy – it takes five minutes to do. And when done regularly – there’s just no need to bring in the big chemicals! Here’s how:

step 1: pre-heat your oven


You want it warm enough to loosen up any baked on mess – but not too hot to burn yourself! Set it at warm, when it reaches temperature, shut it off.

step 2: scrub


Make a simple scrub cleaner by combining baking soda with your natural dishsoap, until it becomes a creamy paste. Use this to scrub the inside of the oven, the grills and all around. Get into it! 🙂

step 3: spray


This is the secret trick: to clean up the baking soda, use a vinegar cleanser as a final spray. Try this recipe.  This spray will dissolve any left on baking soda, clean up dirt and leave your oven ready to cook up another meal! Wipe clean and you’re done.

It’s easier to maintain your home when you get into the habit of routines – 5 minutes a week is all it takes – and when it comes to keeping harsh chemicals out of the home, prevention is really key. Once the problem has gotten bad, it’s hard to fix. So try this once a week and see how it works for you!

photography – Jeff Samaniego for Little Green Dot

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  1. Clean Your Microwave Naturally with Just a Lemon

    just take a Small microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup, 1 lemon Clean and dry dishtowel or cleaning rag


    Measure the water: Measure about 1/2 cup of water into a measuring cup or bowl.

    Add the lemon: Slice the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the water. Drop the lemon halves into the bowl.

    Microwave for 3 minutes: Place the bowl in the microwave. Microwave on high power for 3 minutes so the liquid comes to a boil.

    Let stand for 5 minutes: Do not open the microwave door; the steam trapped inside will help loosen food gunk. Let stand for 5 minutes.

    Clean the microwave: Open the door and carefully remove the bowl with the lemons.

    If your microwave has a turntable, lift it out and wipe it clean. Wipe the inside of the microwave clean starting with the ceiling and the sides.

    Scrub the stubborn spots: If you come across stubborn spots that won’t easily wipe away, dip the corner of your dishtowel in the lemon-water and scrub until the spot comes away.

    Remember the door: While you’re wiping, don’t forget to wipe down the door.

    Replace the turntable: If you took it out, put the turntable back and you’re good to go — with a nice, clean microwave!

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