A Stunning Scarf + A Giveaway

I had the best Bali moment a few weeks back – and what’s really exciting is that now you get the chance to share in this too!

If you love eco-fashion, you’ll love SukkhaCitta and their beautiful scarves. You’ll definitely be excited about the giveaway at the end!! So keep reading :)

SukkhaCitta Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

Several weeks back a reader, Denica, reached out to me. She was travelling to Bali and asked to meet – and I was so excited to say yes!!

We met at Cafe Organic near my home in Canggu and she walks in with her partner, dressed light and casual – and wearing this absolutely gorgeous blue scarf, from her own line SukkhaCitta.

SukkhaCitta Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

It’s stunning. SukkaCitta work very closely with rural Indonesian artisans that use age-old techniques to create clothing that really matters today. It’s about people, and planet – and wearing something that you can stand for. I noticed how special it was right away.

And I wanted to collaborate with them.

So listen to this – they invite me to the village where they’re staying to interview me for their series, Humans of Change (which you can read here!)

And, of course I show up with my bag of my goodies – coconut oil, oats, rice flour, my mixing bowls…

As we’re chatting, making and taking photos – women and children from the surrounding compound, start to come out, curious to see what we’re doing.  And the next thing I know – I’m hosting an impromptu workshop teaching them how to make whole food skincare for themselves!

SukkhaCitta Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

SukkhaCitta Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

SukkhaCitta Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

We’re mixing rice flour scrubs and I’m massaging their skin. It was truly a moment that I won’t forget. And the whole time, I’m wearing one of Denica’s scarves…

And you know, I think there’s something to it.

I think that when we wear things with meaning, it brings meaning into our days. The things that we buy and wear, they carry a story – so let it be a really good one.

Watch this one minute video, to see the story of these stunning  scarves:

How beautiful is that? I LOVE that kind of thing so much, I thrive on it.

Well guess what, you now have the chance to own one of these minimalist, meaningful, beautiful, hand-crafted scarves too!

That’s right, it’s a giveaway!!

Denica is gifting two KUPU Living Indigo bandanas for lucky Little Green Dot readers – for you to win one, tie around your neck or around your bag, look amazing – and feel good. Who knows, it might bring a little magic into your day too :) 

All you need to do is enter below!!

Join the Stunning SukkhaCitta KUPU Bandana Giveaway | littlegreendot.com

There are TWO stunning Living Indigo bandanas to be won — invite your friends and receive 3 additional chances to win for each friend that joins you!

This exclusive giveaway is open worldwide, so enter today!

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