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  • Best of 2012 – Coconut Oil Recipes

    Hi! I’ll be kicking off the “Best of 2012” series with one of my favorite oils: coconut oil. I can’t get enough of it, and I still have so many more recipes to show you! Flavored popcorn, home-made deodorant… but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! Here are 5 awesome coconut oil tips, recipes and…

  • DIY – All Natural Cocoa Lip Scrub

    DIY – All Natural Cocoa Lip Scrub

    With all the treatments that we buy for our skin, we often neglect our lips, but they need extra love too! The skin on your lips is extremely thin and lacks oil glands, making them prone to dryness: that’s why they chap so easily… I’ve got just the thing for you! Lip scrubs are a…

  • Make It: The Best All-Natural Mites & Mold Killer!

    This comes from experience – my household became increasingly allergenic throughout the months. My husband would get these sneezing fits, my daughter developed what are called “allergic shiners” and there were lot of snuffly noses all around. When we were outdoors, we were fine, but the moment we came home, the symptoms started! Here I wanted my…

  • DIY – Branches and Twigs!

    DIY – Branches and Twigs!

    Go out for a walk, pick up fallen branches – and make something beautiful! For their room: image, image, image, image For their imagination: How-to, How-to, image For your home: how-to, how-to, how-to, image For your things: how-to, image, image, image Love nature!