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  • 10 Repurposing Ideas That Make Life Easier!

    10 Repurposing Ideas That Make Life Easier!

    Need a creative dessert? Turn a muffin tin upside down to create a cookie ice-cream cup! Stop clothes from sliding off – put rubber bands at the end of your hangers Use extra lens cases as a travel pill box! Make perfectly round pancakes! Make fun shapes! Bread tag wire labels! Use a colander as…

  • End Junk Mail Today!

    Junk mail is a big problem in my home in Singapore. Well, it was. What was so frustrating, aside from a mailbox full of ads, was seeing all this paper, ink and dye going to waste. The natural resources consumed, the toxic chemicals used – all for that piece of paper to reach your mailbox in a vain attempt to capture your attention……

  • Free Invitation Printables

    Free Invitation Printables

    My baby is turning 4 this month! She has asked for a “Princess and Dragons Party” I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll manage that one, so I’m busy scouring the internet for ideas. I’ve come across a lot of great stuff out there, which I’ll be sharing with you along the way! A…

  • Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Repurpose It! Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

    Don’t throw away your empty squeeze bottle – re-purpose it! You can use it to make fun pancake shapes! Not Martha shows us how to make a flower pancake.