Ren, founder of Matter – a socially motivated lifestyle brand – invited me to tour her home. Ok, I asked… but that’s one of the perks of writing this blog – I have the privilege of seeing these incredible spaces and I’m delighted to share them with you!  Singapore is a fast-paced, modern city – the nation is just 49 years old – so when I found out Ren lived in a heritage home, I jumped on the opportunity to see a part of history.


Ren and her husband spent 2 years renovating their home, which has been in the family for over 20 years – which Singapore years is ancient! Ren’s house is filled with stories – tales of travels and discovering relics of a past time. She has an incredible modern aesthetic, but also great respect for history – and the combination is absolutely inspiring!

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As I followed Ren around her house, I noticed there’s was no excess – everything there was purposeful. I can’t help but to think that what we choose to surround ourselves with has an impact on the way we see ourselves in this world. I returned home inspired to see the story that my  home tells. In mine, I saw snippets about a young family, who spend time together making things… It’s a simple story, but it made me feel really good – and with this new eye, I’m inspired to purposefully fill my home my home with only those things that reflect and reinforce it.

I think this is an interesting question: when you look around your home, what story do you see? Does it match with the story you want to tell? Tell me in the comments!


Want to know more about Ren’s brand, Matter? She operates her business from her home (I would too!) so I also got to see a glimpse into her day at work. Check out the slide show below, to see pictures of the process and the new collection – I also encourage you to check out their website. Thanks to Ren for inviting us into your lovely space! :

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