In the past, I was never drawn to a minimal aesthetic. I found it cold and empty. I wanted to fill my world with things, decorations and colors. But, as I began to simplify and cut back on the excess – my idea of beauty has changed.

For me, it began two years ago when I simplified my children’s skincare. I started by making a bath tea for my baby, and found that I could care for their skin with just a few simple ingredients. Then I started simplifying my home cleaning products, my skincare products… and it has continued spreading from there.

This lifestyle of simplicity is altering my perspective  – minimalism now feels fresh, full of possibility – yet the design is purposeful with meaning and depth.

I feel so inspired in these uncluttered spaces – light and free. They don’t dominate you – imposing their own message or emotion. They give my mind room to think, breathe and feel creative… and it all began with making one small change.


see my inspiration board for this look over at Pinterest…

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