I first saw this idea on Martha Stewart, and she got the idea from a chef in Italy… it’s clearly spreading and that’s because this tip is a ray of light for anyone who loves a home-cooked meal – but doesn’t always feel like cooking it. And let’s be honest, it’s not just the cooking part that’s hard, the worst part is having to clean everything up… that’s where this one pan wonder really shines!

No cans, no pre-cooked nonsense, no fuss – just whole, fresh ingredients melding together in one pan! Something you can feel great about eating and serving to your family. Honestly, it’s pretty much: dump everything in, pour water on top and set to cook. But, if you want measurements and even a video – check out Martha Stewart for the recipe – I’m seriously loving it and have already had this twice last week. What? It was a busy week!

I had more success using  less water than what’s in the recipe – it made for a thicker sauce consistency. I add just enough to cover the pasta.

ps – after the pasta cooked, I sprinkled mozzarella on top and put the whole pan right into the oven, until the cheese melted and browned. That took it to a whole other level! Give this one a try – it’s always good to have a reliable, easy meal in your repertoire to turn to on those days you need it most!

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