The Secret to Long, Lustrous Hair!

If you have frizzy, unruly hair or are trying to grow it out, I have the thing just for you!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve never had long hair. As it grows longer it gets thin, which leads to split-ends, frustration and the scissors.

In my early years I spent a small fortune on products promising to grow my hair and mend my ends… but I’ve come to realize that the secret to healthy hair, simply will not be found in a bottle.

Here’s why they don’t work. Most products can’t penetrate the hair shaft, so they won’t offer any nourishment. They coat your hair. They laminate it, but, the hair itself will still be as weak as before. Products made with mineral oil, silicone, chemicals, relaxers can actually affect your hair over-time, add toxins to your body and make things worse in the end.

For me, knowing this has actually been quite liberating. It now means that I no longer spend my time in a shop, scanning through all of these products, buying into all of the marketing claims and spending my money!

So…what’s the big secret to healthy hair? Feed it healthy food!

My plan now is to grow out my hair long and healthy. To do this I have put together my two-step program: to detoxify and rehabilitate my hair. I invite you to join in! Get back to me in a couple months and let me now how it’s working!

1. Drink your way to long, healthy hair!

DIY Hair Treatment Recipes |

This is a yummy hair tonic! It’s packed with ingredients that work to improve your circulation and provide fatty acids and amino acids that all help to promote healthy hair growth!

Drink this hair tonic recipe at least 3 times a week. No cheating!

  • in a blender, combine all the ingredients
  • blend 20 seconds
  • drink up!
If it feels a bit thick, you can add a bit of water…see how you go.

Tip: Go to the shops and buy enough produce to make your tonics for the week. You’ll be more encouraged to actually do it, when you have everything that you need!

2. Make a nourishing coconut oil hair mask!

Hair Oil Blend Recipe |

You are going to thank me for this!! This hair mask has two simple ingredients, both providing amazing nourishment!

Do this treatment once a week.

  • 1 tablespoon unrefined virgin coconut oil – this is an amazing oil, it can actually penetrate the hair shaft. It is super nourishing. (if you have short hair, use a bit less – it’s very rich!) It has to be unrefined and virgin – here’s why
  • 1 egg, beaten – egg has a lot of protein in it, which is what your hair is made of. By feeding it healthy proteins, you help to restore and replenish.

If you store your coconut oil in the fridge or if you live somewhere cold, you’ll need to melt it first. Do this in a pot, over a very gentle fire (in singapore, it’s hot, so my jar of coconut oil is usually in liquid form) Beat an egg in a bowl, then add in the coconut oil. Mix to combine, and work the mixture all over you hair. Massage the scalp well. Keep it on for 20 minutes, then wash clean.

Singapore Shopping Guide

  • You can get all of these ingredients, organic and delivered to your door by Zenxin
  • Or go to the shops: most health food stores sell unrefined virgin coconut oil. Check out my guide to find a shop near you.

It’s funny that the secret to beauty really is good health! Doing this, will not only promote healthy hair, but also a healthy body. That’s something that you definitely can’t get from a bottle of conditioner!

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