I take this same path everyday as I walk home from the train that brings me into town and back. Even after 10 years of living here in Singapore, I’m still amazed by the contrast of old and new, of natural and man-made that makes this little Island what it is – and I’m so proud of the efforts that I’m seeing to maintain a healthy balance as the city grows. This was evident to me again last night, at the NEA Clean & Green Hackathon, a government initiative to – get this – share city data with citizens, so that we can all work together in creating solutions to better improve our environment. How cool is that!? They will tell us about trash, how much of it is really out there and where it’s causing problems. They will tell us about our threatened indigenous animals, food hygiene, electricity usage – all kinds of information that we can now view and use! It all happens this weekend – if you are in Singapore and want to join – check it out! Whether you have a particular skill – design, programming or just a strong passion, they can use you too! I’ll be there all weekend, register here to join. 



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