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There is something deeply nourishing and gratifying about making something for yourself, using ingredients that have a presence and story of their own.

It’s when you visit a little provisions shop and you come home with a brown bag of fragrant dried spices or a tub of hand-crafted yogurt – but it might as well be a block of solid gold you feel so enriched by it.

And that whole experience of discovering this ingredient, working with it and finally consuming it… it just does it for me.

I’m greedy for more of those moments and so I find myself shopping for suppliers, makers, crafters and producers of fine ingredients the way others shop for shoes…

I can’t help but to think that keeping these kind of ingredients in your home pantry, bring so much pleasure into the process – that it shows up in the flavour and the attitude of whatever you make.

In my kitchen, I make skincare and home care products the way I make food – from simple, good ingredients that make me feel inspired. So here, I thought I’d list three of my favorite suppliers, my heart is already fluttering: 

Natural Ingredient Suppliers You Should Know


Floracopeia: Three Natural Ingredient Suppliers You Should Know |

Floracopeia is a husband and wife team, who source ethically produced essential oils from all over the world. He’s a prominent herbal educator, David Crow, and you can find so much on him online and see his talks and teachings on botanical medicine.

You’ll also find videos and articles about the origin of their oils – their travels to remote places, interviews with the farmers… the devotion that they have to finding and working with like-minded producers and sustainable farmers – it’s remarkable and it brings so much more into those little bottles of oils!

I recently purchased three essential oils from them to make my SIMPLIFY skincare – Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Helichrysum. All stunning quality and rich scents!

Wildroot Botanicals

Wildroot Botanicals: Three Natural Ingredient Suppliers You Should Know |

This family run business produce hydrosols and essential oils from botanicals that they forage, grow on their farm, or source from nearby farms.  On their website, they share photos and stories about spending days on the farm with their young son, hands in the soil…. and my heart just swells. Their passion shows up in their product. They’re incredibly skilled and devoted to working with and protecting nature.

I’m obsessed with their witch hazel, it’s like nothing you’ll ever find in a store. It’s pure and smells light and refreshing – a great astringent for the skin… But recently, I picked up their Rose Geranium hydrosol to go with my new essential oils!

Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms: Three Natural Ingredient Suppliers You Should Know |

Nestled in the jungles of Bali, Big Tree Farms offers organic, raw ingredients like cacao, coconut, salt and cashews. They’ve set up a their business as a cooperative – that supports local farmers all around the island to provide income and opportunity.

They work with a remarkable 15,000 farmers and families, who grow the raw ingredients sustainably. Their cacao is especially amazing. Each small farm grows a share of the organic cacao, which is then turned into cold-pressed, raw cacao butter and powder over at the Big Tree Farm. You can see a video by the founder, Ben Ripple where he shows their facility and  how they produce truly raw butters and powders.

I use their cacao butter to make skincare and it’s the best smelling, most luxurious. And I love knowing that it’s part of something so beautiful!


Have you found a maker of natural ingredients that you’re loving? Tell us about it in the comments below!

6 responses to “Three Natural Ingredient Suppliers You Should Know”

    • Hi Julie! Your products look absolutely fantastic. Sensuous Sandalwood Body Butter – woooo watch out! love it 🙂
      Well done, here’s to a very successful and fulfilling business!

  1. Thanks for introducing your readers to these natural suppliers. It’s not always easy to get good, sustainable natural products in Singapore. But these are something I will be checking out!

    • Hi Gem! You’re so right, it’s not always easy to find good ingredients and supplies, it’s actually what inspired me to start LGD in Singapore years ago 🙂 I’m glad the info is useful to you!

  2. We need natural


    2. Glutathione(NAC)
    3. Zeolites(volcanic)
    4. Pancreatic Enzymes
    5. Wheatgrass powder/barley grass powder
    6. Chlorella,
    7. Bee pollen
    8. Coral
    9. calcium(Okinawa)
    10. Honey natural organic
    11. Co-enzyme-Q 10
    12. Beta Glucan 1-3-D
    13. Probiotics
    14. MCT Oil
    15. Flax oil(cold pressed)
    16. Flax seeds organic
    17. Baking soda(aluminium free)
    18. Maple syrup(AorBgrade)
    19. Apricot seeds
    20. Lugol Iodine
    21. MSM
    22. LIPH
    23. Cesium chloride
    24. Fucoidan liquid/pills
    25. Selenium
    26. Zink
    27. Dolomite calcium Tab
    28. EDTA
    29. Frankincense essential oil
    30. Hydrogen peroxide 35%
    31. Wolf berry juice
    32. Xango mangosteen
    33.Tahition noni juice
    34. Blue berry juice

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