What’s the best part of being a parent? For me, it’s the excuse to go to places like L’Observatoire –  – a project that combines art and science for kids (and child-like adults!). We spent our Sunday in a beautiful classroom brimming with evidence of children creating experiments and art.

Once a month they host what they call Tinkering Sundays, activities centered around different themes. On this bright, sunny day – we played with water. We made colors, shapes, photography – and got pretty wet along the way. It was a blast! Stations were set up with experiments, giving kids the chance to view water in a whole new way. The girl’s senses were excited – they were happy tinkering away for hours and I have to admit, I had fun playing too! If you are in Singapore, do check them out!

They had so many great repurposing ideas!


Syphoning water and changing your perspective when looking through water


Water Sculptures with artist Ila – projecting images of water mixed with colours, oil, soap and bubbles!


Capturing the shapes of water thrown in the air, which turned into a very silly game of ‘run under the stream before you get wet!’ I got wet.


It’s located near Pasar Bella, so after our morning at L’Observatoire – we walked down to the market for lunch. A perfect Sunday!

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