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I’d like to share a story with you. About a year ago, I became really preoccupied with eating healthily. When cooking my family’s food – not only did I have the stress of planning meals, organizing the ingredients and taking the time to cook it – but I was also adding to the burden by questioning whether I was using organic ingredients, the right kind of flour or, heaven forbid, too much sugar. I was feeling stressed. Making the choice to be more hands-on was supposed to be a good thing, so why did I feel frustrated?

I took a nutrition course on Coursera to get more of a handle on my nutrition, thinking that more information would make me feel more comfortable – and what I came away with was completely unexpected…

Food can be a nourishing experience – not only offering nutrition for your body, but for your total sense of happiness. There’s a lot to gain if you offer yourself the opportunity to connect with your food. Those little moments where you spend time at a fresh market looking through all the beautiful produce. Sitting at your kitchen counter picking through fresh blueberries for homemade muffins. Cutting a carrot into little heart shapes for your kids… it can be a time where you feel joy just being present in the moment. And when it comes to nutrition, knowing which foods make you feel your best and which don’t, knowing the right proportions and healthier cooking techniques… it all becomes more natural the more time you spend doing it. When you make it yourself, you can already feel good about that – because it’s going to be healthier for you and your family than eating pre-made, processed foods. Even when you do sprinkle a little sugar on top! I absolutely love spending time in my kitchen now.

Fall in love with your kitchenware, Singapore!

Over the last year I’ve organised my time so that I can create those moments. Slowly, I’ve stocked my kitchen with all the necessities that make it easy for me – a food processor to make my nut butters, glass tupperware that I like looking at and a few gadgets that make me smile – like my zucchini slicer for making veggie lasagna sheets! I haven’t bought quick cooking lasagna pasta in ages!

I think creating a space that works for you is key, that’s why I recently shared my top 10 Favorite Kitchenware Shops in Singapore with Sassy Mama’s readers. Definitely check it out, there are some great finds. Get the list below over at Sassy Mama!

Little Green Dot's 10 Favorite Kitchenware Shops in Singapore

p.s. – my biggest lesson has been this: while my kids don’t always like to eat what I make for them, they ALWAYS like spending time with me making it. I think there’s a lot of nourishment in that too. And when they grow up, I’m confident that they will love their veggies, and spend happy moments peeling potatoes with their kids too.

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  1. Totally inspiring Mrs. M, as always. We should get together soon for more brownie bites and smoothies that hide the taste of maca;))

  2. I’m looking fr a drying rack for my dishes. It can’t be a hangoing one, has to be on the kitchen counter top. Proving to be very difficult to track down a practical one. Any tips for me?

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