Ugh! I left it at home!!


Do you have a trick for remembering to bring reusable bags with you to the grocery store? 

Most times, I’ll grab them before leaving the house – it’s on my running checklist – keys, money, phone… bags. Let’s go.

But often, it’s those unplanned stops that get me.

It’s on the way home when I remember we’re running low on peanut butter – and that’s going to be a disaster tomorrow –  so let’s stop quickly now.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a store without a reusable bag and end up trying to skip the whole bag thing – cradling jars and cartons in my arms, promising the cashier “I’ve got this, yeah, it’s fine!”

Have you done that?

On those days, I used to just buy a new reusable bag at the check out counter  – and then add it to my growing stash at home….

Until I learned that reusable bags aren’t green, unless we use them a lot!

Here’s what was treehugger found:

“What ultimately matters is if you actually use your reusable bags, or if you collect them dutifully… but then forget them at home every time you go to the store. If you can commit to using your canvas bag 171 times then you have made a good decision. If you can’t commit to this, chose plastic over paper bags, reuse the bags at the store, repurpose them as trash can liners, and recycle the rest at your local grocery store.”

I asked a few friends over coffee, when it comes to using reusable bags – how do you manage your day to day shopping?

  • I put my bags back into the car immediately after I unpack the groceries at home
  • I try to keep a foldable bag with me in my purse at all times
  • I carry a big purse, so I just stuff in whatever I buy

What about you? How do you make sure you have your reusable bag handy, when you need it? Share your tips in the comments below!!

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