The end of the year is here and everyone is feeling a little maxed-out right now. I know I am. It’s like you can’t think of doing one. more. thing…

You’re so busy trying to get setup for the holiday events, get organized, wrap things up, close up the year.  It’s all about what’s coming up and what needs to get done – so it’s easy to forget about yourself here, in the now.

I’ve been thinking this recently, and I thought I’d send a little reminder out into the world to keep it simple.

Maybe you feel some of your wellness habits slipping a bit, and that might make you feel a bit guilty. I want you to know that this happens to all of us and you know what, you’ll get back to it soon! Try not to give yourself a hard time.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that little things you can do, make such a difference. Like drinking more water. It’s so easy to do, but also easy to forget. If you’re  low on energy, taxed, moody, if your brain is foggy from all the stuff going on – make sure you’re hydrated. It’s one simple tweak that can really change the way you feel!

But let’s not turn this into a boring chore! I know it’s only water, but you know what – let’s make it simple and delicious! A celebration that you can enjoy for yourself throughout the day and serve to guests for a dinner party! I made this little video to show you two ideas to make Water Sangria, unique flavours and fun to drink.

I hope you like it! The Vanilla Orange combo tastes like a melted Creamsicle popsicle – it’s amazing!

Listen, I want you to know that I get the most amazing emails from readers saying “keep it up!”. It’s as if you instinctively know. Even with our your own challenges, you’re out there giving love and encouragement to others.

It matters and it makes a difference in my day. I hope this tip makes a difference in your day too!

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  1. I often have had fruit infused waters in the summer, but now that I think on in, why am I not doing it in winter too? Thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoy them. I have made my orange and vanilla for tomorrow, with a sprig of mint !

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