When I first saw these prints featured on an American blog, I thought – wow, I feel really drawn to these images, they’re almost familiar. Then I realised why – these beautiful portraits are based on nature found right here in Singapore! The work is by Francis Ooi, an amateur photographer whos weekly runs along Bukit Timah Reserve, turned into nature walks as he felt  himself captivated by what he saw around him.


How beautiful is that feature wall?  I really love the story behind his work – it speaks about being present and in the moment with your eyes wide open. It’s easy to get caught up in work and life, but when we take ourselves away from our desk, computer and out of our own head – it can lead to so much inspiration. He did it by going on nature walks, I like to cook and tinker around the house. Some people meditate or exercise. What ever it is, create those moments where you can unplug and just be. Who knows what beauty you’ll see!

Check out Francis’ shop to see all of his prints. At only $40, this is such an affordable way to bring inspiring art into your home!

p.s. Want to create a feature wall? Here’s how he did it!

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