What book have you been reading lately? I have three on the go… wait, do cookbooks count? Sure they do! Two of my current reads, I discovered at the library – a resources for cookbooks that I’ve never considered before. Am I the only one? Usually I’m at the bookshop debating whether or not to spend $50 on a cookbook – now I bring home tons of new inspiration! It’s been a lot of bread, and buttery scones recently. So this week I deliberately went for some healthier reads:

1. Preserved. This book covers preserving through different methods. I picked it up looking for early Christmas gift ideas (I know) like this raspberry vinegar. But it also turned out to be an unexpected source of food ideas for kids  – homemade “canned” baked beans!


2. The Sprouted Kitchen. How beautiful is this book! She’s a whole foods advocate – no specific diet, just well-balanced eating on the menu. This weekend I’m testing out the hollandaise sauce made from goats cheese (yum!) and lentil meatballs!


3. Cooked, I bought on my Kindle. What do you think about Kindles – Some people don’t like them, but I’m a big fan – especially in bed! I prop it against the pillow… perfect for lazy reading!

Micheal Pollan is my favorite food writer and, in this book, he sets out to master the act of cooking –  an endangered skill that makes us uniquely human. Pollan argues the case that: a life involving no home cooking, is a life diminished. Read this book and try not to bake a bread, slowly caramelise an onion or ferment a cabbage!


If you get the chance, check out these books – but mostly,  If you haven’t been in a while, I encourage you to check out your local library and see what new inspirations you bring home!

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