A few years back, I developed this little habit that wasn’t doing me any good: I ate an entire fruit & nut chocolate bar, every single night after dinner. This lasted for weeks! Of course I wouldn’t let myself keep a bunch of chocolate in the house  – no way – I would wait until the craving got really bad, around 7pm, and then beg my husband to walk with me to the neighbourhood shop, feeling guilty along the way. Food should not be eaten that way. Obviously once in a while a treat is fine, but when I like something (and tell me if this happens to you) I can get obsessed and want to eat it everyday. Happily I found something new and healthy to obsess over!

When I discovered raw desserts, it completely blew my mind! Everything I felt about chocolate changed…

Raw desserts are made without the refined sugars, refined flour or dairy – they’re made with whole foods that are really good for you! They are utterly delicious. The taste of real cacao – dark, rich – unprocessed – tastes like nothing else! I realised that I can look forward to and truly enjoy my evening treat. It’s not that I’ve had to give anything up, I’ve just upgraded my dessert with something that’s better for me and honestly far more delicious.

Today I’m sharing my top 10 favourite raw chocolate treats – recipes that I’ve tried and loved. And because I want you to have the chance to make these awesome desserts at home, I’ll be giving away a bundle of ingredients for you to get started. Sounds good? Have a look, try not to drool – pick your favorites and enter the giveaway below! Here’s to eating food that we can savour and feel our best!

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1. Ecstatic Chocolate Bar


This chocolate bar is sweetened with dates and you can play with the flavours and toppings.

Grab the recipe: My New Roots

2. Peanut Butter Cheesecake


I can’t believe this is good for you! Peanut butter, chocolate…cheesecake! There’s no sacrificing here.

Grab the recipe: Create N Plate

3. Raw Almond Joys/Mounds Bars/Bounty Balls


The great thing about a dessert like this is that it’s so full in flavour and dense in nutrients – that you can eat just one or two of these and your body feels satisfied.

Grab the recipe here: Top With Cinnamon 

4. Raw Chocolate Tart


If you like your desserts creamy, you’ll love this one! For me, I love the hazelnut crust – so good.

Grab the recipe here: Pure and Simple

5. Chocolate Cheesecakes


This is like a morph of the peanut butter cheesecake and the chocolate tart. But it’s in a pot, so it’s a totally different experience. You’ll see that raw desserts are often the same ingredients, just prepared in different ways – which makes it easy actually.

Grab the recipe here: The Bojon Gourmet

6. Raw Bounty Bars


I can’t imagine you can look at these and not feel happy. I think this is one of my favourites.

Grab the recipe here: My New Roots

7. Superfood Nut Butter Cups


These are delicious, really easy to make. If you like Reeses peanut butter cups, you’ll never look back. I know, because it happened to me 🙂

Grab the recipe here: My New Roots

8. Raw Brownie Bites


This was it, the first recipe that started it all!  I would sit with my friend in the kitchen – and we’d eat them in complete awe at how something this wholesome could taste so good.

Grab the recipe: Little Green Dot

9. Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Breakfast


If you wake up with a sweet tooth, try this chocolatey breakfast cup. Don’t worry, it’s all good!

Grab the recipe: Oh She Glows

10. Healthy Chocolate Shake


This is something that blends up quickly, it’s great for an afternoon snack – it fills you up, it’s really satisfying and you’ll find that you don’t crave junk throughout the day.

Grab the recipe: Little Green Dot

Look, if you want the real deal: save it for when you come across that quality, most delicious dessert – don’t waste it on cheap chocolates. For the rest of it, you’ll find that a raw dessert will satisfy that sweet tooth and leave you feeling your best.

Now, I have a bundle of ingredients to give away so you can get started making your own!

September’s RAW Chocolate Ingredients Bundle

I love giveaways!! This month, you can win a bundle of all the ingredients you need to make any of the desserts you’ve just seen. High quality natural and organic cacao butter, raw cacao powder and lots more. Check out everything you can win!

The giveaway is open to 25 countries and it’s super-simple to enter:

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4 responses to “10 Amazing Raw Desserts + A Giveaway”

  1. Hey Militza, just wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU to your most amazing recipe! The Raw Brownie Bites were just simply amazing. I have never stopped making them and definitely eating them after I followed your recipe!

    Just wanna add that since dates are hard to come by here in Singapore, you could actually substitute them with raisins though it did be a tad more sweeter than usual. I usually use a mix of both dates and raisins to make these guilt free desserts. Now I say bye to my guilty chocolates and hello to extra healthy desserts! 😀

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