Creating an efficient kitchen gives me a weird sense of excitement –  but it’s because I know that when my kitchen is in order, I get happy about making food – and I believe that’s exactly how we need to feel! I’ve also thrown in a few extra ideas that will not only help you feel happy, but also incredibly clever as you reduce on waste, save money and make life easy!

1. Hang Your Lids

Lids drive me insane! This looks hopeful….


2. Think Outside the Box

Talk about using the most out of every space. This storage idea is smart for small kitchens like mine


3. Label it!

No more tossing out forgotten (but perfectly good) food. Keep a roll of tape and a marker handy, you’ll reduce waste and save money! Clever you 🙂


4. Every Last Drop!

No more scraping – simply pour hot milk in a near-empty jar of Nutella, or hot tea in a near-empty jar of honey and enjoy!


5. Make your Own Double Broiler

Don’t have a double broiler? Save your money and fashion one yourself!


6. Freeze your Greens

If you love green shakes, here’s a great way to prepare a batch of greens ready to go!


7. No Fancy Equipment Needed 

Make healthy, yummy frozen pops to please a crowd – and you don’t need special molds or a popsicle maker!

8. Create Extra Space

Give yourself a little extra chopping room, with this weekend DIY. All you need is a chopping board and set of legs – I reckon Ikea has you covered for both!


9. Serve it straight up

Save on the washing up, serve a presentable meal on the very pan or chopping board you prepared it on!

serving-dishphoto by: Michael Graydon

10. Quick Flavour

These flavour cubes not only make your meal delicious, but are also a great way to preserve your herbs! Double win!


11. Follow a Recipe

Keep that recipe up in view, but out of your batter!


12. Explore your Inner Neat Freak

Imagine how proud of yourself you’ll be, to open your fridge and find this…


13. Make Use of It!

Use the inside of your cabinets to tuck away little bits and bobs. Hang tools, notes and recipes!


14. Buzz off! 

You can’t cook a happy meal with fruit flies buzzing around. Use this tried and tested tip to get rid of them!


How about you? Any killer tips to share with the Little Green Dot community? Let me know in the comments!

10 responses to “14 Kitchen Ideas that Make Life Easier”

  1. #2 great idea to store my foils, glad wrap
    Wanting to buy a mattress cleaner, any idea if UV wand or Raycop is good. Trying to kill the dust mites on my mattress.also considering steam cleaning the floor tiles etc

    • Hi Bavani

      Yes – I’ve already started doing idea #2 in my kitchen and it works great! 🙂

      sorry – I’m not familiar with those brands, but steam cleaning the floor tiles will be great!

  2. Are you sick of crying while you chop onions?
    Try this :- Cover your cutting board with foil , then wrap 2-3 layers of kitchen-paper over that, now cut your onion . The paper soaks up all the onion juices that have been the causing the problem.

    Happy cooking.readers.

  3. What a great post this week Militza, full of creative and yet simple ideas. I loved the cookbook on a hangar idea and the secret neat freak in me is craving painters tape and more bpm free plastic boxes.
    Thanks as always, its a pleasure to read your columns.

    • Hi Paula!

      Thanks for writing in. Ha ha – something about organisation ideas definitely wakes up my inner neat freak too! Glad you liked the post 🙂

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