What do you think, would you be in for a bit of a challenge: one week of healthy breakfast…

I’m talking fresh spinach & roasted veggie salad on one day, maybe some quinoa, passionfruit compote and coconut milk on another – then how about a creamy green breakfast smoothie…

Who wouldn’t feel amazing, starting the days with all that good-for-you food!

But then again…who has time for all that?

I’ll tell you, with a little smart cooking,  the answer is: you!

Not only are these breakfast bowls seriously delicious, you won’t believe how incredibly quick they are make. It has to be, right!

Check out the cooking tips below to help make the morning process easier on you… so that you can recapture the mornings  – and feel your best all throughout the week!

Sunshine Quinoa Bowl

quinoa-bowl quinoa-tip

This recipe was inspired by the book, Whole Grains. It’s a twist on the oatmeal bowl, using quinoa instead – which works surprisingly well! Hopefully you have passionfruit handy. You could probably get away with a good passionfruit jam – I think the tropical flavours really make this recipe… or just toss in what ever fruit you have. The point is, make it! 🙂

Sunshine Quinoa Bowl

  • coconut milk from a box or a can
  • passionfruit
  • honey
  • flaked coconut


  • prep ahead – cook a big batch of quinoa according to the packet instructions
  • prep ahead – make your own passionfruit compote, just scoop it out into a pot. Add your choice of sweetener to taste and reduce over low heat until it becomes thick and jammy. About 5 minutes. You can make a larger amount and store it in the fridge for 5 days.
  • serve yourself a bowl of quinoa. pour in the coconut milk like it’s a cereal.
  • add your toppings, spoonfuls of passionfruit compote and coconut flakes.
  • drizzle with honey to taste
  • tip: you can eat this dish cold!

Roast Veggie Breakfast Salad

RoastVeggies veggietip

This is your hearty, I’ve had a rough night –  a long day ahead – I need some serious nourishment meal. This salad bowl could pass for lunch or dinner – but it still makes a quick breakfast. I highly recommend that you start the habit of roasting a tray of veggies every Sunday – it’s so easy to add them into your meals throughout the week.

Roast Veggie Breakfast Salad

  • roasted veggies
  • fresh spinach
  • egg
  • sprouts, seeds – any salad toppings you like
  • dressing (try yogurt + Sriracha)


  • prep ahead – roast a tray of veggies
  • set an egg to boil
  • fill your bowl with fresh baby spinach
  • top it off with roasted veggies and your salad toppings
  • place the egg on top and drizzle with your favorite dressing
  • tip: try a creamy dressing of yogurt + hot sauce!

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


This smoothie blends up in seconds and taste like something you should be eating for dessert. It’s thick like a yogurt – it’s fresh and full of healthy fat, protein and potassium to keep your body fuelled and your mind alert!

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • juice from 1/2 lemon


  • blend your ingredients together until creamy
  • top it off with some crunchy coconut flakes
  • tip: slice pieces of pear or persimmon to use like an edible spoon!

What do you think? Are you in? Let’s recapture the mornings so that we can all feel our best, and be our best!

Here’s Jolin tucking into the Roasted Veggie Breakfast Salad. We demolished all three bowls…. 🙂

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