One of my favorite things to do for a good stress reduction, comforting, happy inducing, skin loving moment – are face masks.

Do you want to know the secret to having a really good day – start with a face mask.

Wake up, blend yourself a mask (because that’s the kind of thing you do) paint it onto your face with a brush – and then go about your morning routine.

Fifteen minutes later – you wash it off, and…

It takes you from feeling ugh – to I’m glowing, my skin feels amazing, I’m amazing, I’m an actual goddess!

Let's Get Fresh Face Mask Recipe |

Why make it yourself, fresh!

Fresh food masks like this one, are just one of the best kinds of masks! All of the nutrients are in their most fresh and potent state – and you can really feel the difference right away.

Fruits and veggies have natural acids, that work wonders on your skin, eating up and clearing out dead skin cells – which is why the  moment you wash off your mask – you notice that your skin feels smoother and looks brighter.

What’s in Banana and Avocado?

Bananas (especially green, unripe bananas) are rich in malic acids, which gently help to clean out pores. Avocados are high in salicylic acid, which help to loosen up blackheads and congestion.

The combination makes this mask really good for clearing up your skin – while packing in lots of hydration and moisture. It’s all bright and dewy from here….

Let's Get Fresh Face Mask Recipe |

And, for an added bonus –  it’s actually delicious! You might want to make an extra large batch so that you can turn it into a Breakfast Smoothie Bowl, and eat while you wear your mask!

  • 2 tbsp banana
  • 2 tbsp avocado
  1. In a bullet blender, add the banana and avocado
  2. Blend until it forms a thick creamy consistency. No big pieces of food on your face!
  3. If it’s not blending easily for you, add a little water, milk or almond milk to help the blender.
  4. Apply it onto clean skin, all around your face and down your neck. Try to get it on thick. If you’re washing your hair – it’s a good idea to apply this mask up along your scalp and hair too!
  5. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wash off. The mask will have slightly dried. Wet your fingertips and massage the mask off over the sink (less messy in the shower!)
  6. Follow with a serum or light oil to lock in all the hydration!

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