A year ago I did this crazy experiment – to find out if becoming a morning person would make a difference… There were so many things I wanted to do and so little time  – passion projects, recipes, spending more time with my kids – so my question was – could I make it all happen by changing my habits?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

If you ask a group of people whether they identify as a morning person or night owl – you’ll get all sorts of opinions. It turns out there’s a real answer! Genetically 10% of us are true morning people, which means your brain is at its peak at around 9am and 20% of us are night owls, feeling that peak at 9pm. The rest of are hummingbirds, on the spectrum.

But research has shown us that despite our genetics – we can change our habits – and those daily habits will make all the difference in how you feel and what you do.

What’s great about being a morning person?

It’s not about when you start your day – It’s about how you start your day that matters. I’m reading this really fun book called Daily Rituals – that looks at the daily quirks successful people have. One thing they all share in common is that they have created a ritual, a morning routine that helps them focus their mind, control their day and operate at their best.

It begins the moment you wake

For me my day starts with a ritual on the balcony – I sit with a green tea, my notebook, pencil and headphones playing music. There, in that time – before the kids, the demands, before the day shows up – I’m making decisions. My mind is focused, I’m feeling refreshed and I’m getting excited. It feels good to be in control.

My day’s work begins at 6:30am – my daughter wakes and I get her ready for school. But, I get up at 5:45am to make time for my mornings.

Let me tell you – if I don’t to it –  my day just doesn’t work the same. I know this about myself, so when that alarm rings in the morning, I’m up and out!

Whatever your schedule – start the day with time to create your healthy routine or ritual – to plan, focus and take care of yourself – this will completely change the course of your day!

Here are 4 tips to help you change your habits, despite your genetics (PLUS a big gift at the end)


ONE: Sleep Hygiene

Starting early and filling your day with focused activities – will drain your energy. You need to replenish, so when it comes to sustaining – sleep is your most powerful tool.


TWO: Get Clear

The book, Man’s Search for Meaning absolutely opened my eyes to this idea: for anything that you want in life, understanding the why – will give meaning to the work it takes to accomplish it. No matter how gruelling it may seem.

So, if you know that waking early allows you to create a better life – having that clarity will motivate you when the early alarm rings, and you have a choice to make.


THREE: Eat Smart

Everybody is different, so it’s about learning what makes your body feel its best – and especially what doesn’t. I love coffee, but if I need to do focus work, or if I’m going into a meeting – I can’t drink it, it makes me too scattered – so I save it for casual work. This information is really powerful for me to make sure that I perform at my best.

Just like I know that bread makes me tired in the afternoon – so I go for low-carb lunches. It’s all in an effort to make sure my choices don’t hold me back. The question is: what foods should you and shouldn’t you be eating to be at your own best?


Photo from: Tandy of Pimp Your Mat

FOUR: Move Your Body

If it’s not about the bikini body, do it for your brain! Studies show that consistent exercise increases blood flow to your brain and produces hormones that keep you happy and productive. Successful people know that starting the day with exercise, means starting the day with a powerful advantage.

Personally, I find it difficult to get to the gym everyday, so I do online workouts with Pimp Your Mat – a workout website with new 30-minute mat-based workouts every three days. It’s something that you can do from home, on your schedule. Check it out!

What ever you need to do to make it fun and sustainable!

p.s.  If you want to go deeper and learn healthy routines that can help you transform into a more productive, active (and toned. ha!) morning person – make sure to join my FREE online course – How to Become a Morning Person! Registration closes Jan 19th, so don’t miss it! Sign up today 🙂

about that gift I mentioned: I reached out to Tandy, the instructor and creator of Pimp Your Mat and told her all about How to Become a Morning Person (after gushing about how much I loved her program!) Not only did she agree to contribute her expertise – but she’ll also be offering students 30 days of free Pilates workouts as a bonus to the course! She teaches celebrities and athletes – and she’ll be teaching you and me too! It’s going to be incredible!! Click here to sign up for this exciting 4 week course!

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