The new year is fast approaching… seriously, how is it almost 2014 already!? This year has completely flown by, but looking back – I feel really good seeing all the projects and recipes that we did on Little Green Dot!

For this 2013 flashback, let’s take look at my favorite kiddie recipes and ideas, although – they are also completely acceptable for all you kids at heart too! 🙂


  1. I think every baby should be bathed in this tea bath – it’s so gentle and perfect for delicate skin! Fun fact: this was the very recipe that kick-started my journey into making my own products at home! I made it for my daughter when she was just born. 
  2. Still to date our family’s Sunday morning tradition!
  3. You know how they say that kids have more fun with the box than with what’s in it. This is pretty much the same thing! 
  4. This is green living being all silly and fun!

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