From This to That – Boiled Water Plant Food


It’s Labour Day today –  I’m relaxing on the balcony, the kids are entertained with our homemade play dough and I just ate the creamiest eggs, made delicious completely by accident! It involved a bit of  sour cream that I was trying to use up and I ended up discovering my new favorite scrambled eggs! Don’t you love when that happens!

But also, the egg shells reminded me of a simple gardening tip that I picked up from a group of urban farmers… Whenever you boil eggs, potatoes and veggies, save the water! It’s full of minerals and nutrients which your plants will love. Let the water cool completely, then use it to water them! This idea is a great way to help you simplify and make good use of what you have!


p.s. – I just joined Instagram – I know, 3 years behind! I’ll be posting daily pics, follow me so that we can connect! @littlegreendot

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