It’s Labour Day today –  I’m relaxing on the balcony, the kids are entertained with our homemade play dough and I just ate the creamiest eggs, made delicious completely by accident! It involved a bit of  sour cream that I was trying to use up and I ended up discovering my new favorite scrambled eggs! Don’t you love when that happens!

But also, the egg shells reminded me of a simple gardening tip that I picked up from a group of urban farmers… Whenever you boil eggs, potatoes and veggies, save the water! It’s full of minerals and nutrients which your plants will love. Let the water cool completely, then use it to water them! This idea is a great way to help you simplify and make good use of what you have!


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4 responses to “From This to That – Boiled Water Plant Food”

  1. Thanks Militza for the tip. Would like to share this too: feeding my plants with pulp from juicing. I juice every other day, and accumulating the pulp to make stock is giving me more than I want! Also some pulp containing beetroot gives me reddish-coloured stock, which I am not a fan of. So I add water to the stock (collected from washing up the juicer parts), and feed everything to my plants. My money-plant in particular has been lapping it up and has sprouted several inches in 2 weeks!

    Thank you for sharing great recipes and tips. I enjoy reading your blog very much and have tried several suggestions like organizing my fridge! – Joanna

  2. we have a fresh water tank with a couple of guppies. when we clean the tank, that dirty water that is left is an excellent source of food for our plants out back. the birds dont seem to be bothered by it and our puppies dont mess with it either.

  3. Hi Militza,

    Where do you get the powders for your playdough? I scouted spice sections of ntuc, cold storageand phoon huat and found no pumpkin, spinach or beetroot powders! And I don’t think I need huge quantities that iherb is selling. Help!

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