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  • Lunar New Year Look

    It’s almost that time of year!! If you still don’t have something special to wear – check out these options and make this year red, gold and green! Vintage Polka-Dot Dress $99.00 Vintage Belt $39.90 100% Pure Lipstick in Cabernet  $28.00 Vintage Dior Earrings $45.00 Muji Organic Cotton Pink Oxford Shirt $39.00 Muji Organic Cotton Slacks  $59.00 Tom’s Shoes

  • {diy} Anti-Bacterial Hand Scrub Recipe

    When you come home from the outside, or in my case from the questionable sand-pit at the park – you really want to scrub and disinfect your hands clean, but hand sanitizers can really dry out your skin… Many antibacterial soaps are loaded with harsh chemicals, that can not only irratate our skin, but cause environmental damage.…