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  • When I saw the price tag I did a double take

    I’m in a trendy area in Singapore, window shopping, when I see this beautiful body scrub. My first instinct is to read the ingredients – it’s all natural, made with coffee and sea salt, coconut oil… mmmmm! And then I see the price. It costs $60… ouch! When I think back to what got me started into this […]

  • 8 Healthy Haircare Products You Should Know About

    Creating a capsule collection can extend to any area of your life – your wardrobe, your kitchen, your beauty cabinet. The idea is that you carefully select only the things that you need and love, nothing more. You are curating your life and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, that hold a story, meaning, usefulness […]

  • Herbal Teas for Beautiful Skin

    While we love slathering on various skincare products for our blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin issues, we often forget that nourishing the skin from within plays a far larger role to how our skin looks like. Often we go about it the wrong way and apply harmful chemical laden synthetic beauty products that end up […]

  • Secret Beauty Ingredient in Your Kitchen // And How to Use It!

    You’re going to be so excited to find out that there is an incredible, skin-loving beauty ingredient, right inside your kitchen! I’d bet good money that you have a box of herbal tea in your pantry… With that tea, you can make quality skincare and see beautiful results. Let me show you a few common […]

  • Dark Chocolate Body Mask & Moisturizer

    I hope you’re not too gutted when I tell you this recipe is not for eating… but I promise, it’s even better for your body 🙂 This chocolatey treat is a face and body mask, cleanser and moisturizer all in one – that smells just as good as it looks! I got the inspiration for this recipe from […]

  • Superfood Green Smoothie Face & Body Mask

    How’s your summer been? It’s scorching hot over here and while that makes for beautiful bright days, my skin is taking a bit of abuse. I often get emails asking about techniques to improve the skin. I think doing a face & body mask is a great ritual to start – and making it yourself is fun, […]

  • Weekly Steam Facial Cleanse

    If you like the idea of natural beauty treatments that you can do at home, you’ll love this simple facial treatment. It’s a great healthy habit to start! You’ll be getting a deep cleanse – the steam will open your pores and allow you to unclog and effectively clear your skin of build-up  – which if left untreated, gives […]

  • Hemp & Argan Hair Oil Treatment

    A good hair oil works in two ways: massaged onto the scalp, it helps to nourish and fortify your hair follicles. Worked onto the hair, it helps to moisturise and seal your strands. I showed my friend Holly a really simple recipe, that uses some of the best oils for our hair. Once you have them on hand, […]

  • Superfood Body Mask // Recipe + Giveaway

    How many times have you seen a recipe and thought, “I’ll make it one day, as soon as I buy all the ingredients… ”  But, we all know what happens – time passes and we never end up making it! Well, not this time! For this recipe, you can enter our giveaway for the chance to win all the necessary ingredients, delivered straight to […]

  • How to Use Your Aloe Vera Gel

    Every natural home has to have aloe on hand. Whether it’s bottled, or fresh – aloe does wonders for your skin, hair and health! We all know that it’s good for burns – but you really needn’t wait for an accident to use aloe! Benefits: Aloe packs an impressive 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including […]