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  • Vitamin-C Fire Cider

    Vitamin-C Fire Cider

    Fire Cider is a classic, immune-boosting herbal remedy – often taken on the onset of a cold, or during cold/flu season, you can drink it as a daily tonic.  It feels good to start the day with a shot of fire cider. The moment you drink it, you feel every cell in your body WAKE […]

  • 3 Tips to Simplify with Small Actions that get Big Results

    I just wrapped up my online course called How to Become a Morning Person that I taught for 26,000 people (still blown away!) and even though I was there as a teacher – I came away learning so much about what it takes to accomplish the things we want. The reason I started this course was to offer solutions […]

  • Little Green Dot New Website // Coming Soon

    I’m so excited – after long months of planning – Little Green Dot is moving to a new website! The transition will happen in the next week, so you’ll see some big changes around here. I’m still dedicated to sharing my green life, recipes and tips on the blog – but the new site will also […]

  • Internship Positions Available!

    UPDATE: the positions have been filled. Thanks so much to everyone who applied!!  Little Green Dot is growing – and we could use a little help! We are dedicated to inspire a healthier lifestyle and need people who are motivated to do the same! If you want to join a community, be part of something positive and […]

  • Little Green Dot + BOX by Lohasia // Discount Alert!

    Singapore friends – I have fun news – let me tell you what it’s about: If you haven’t  heard of BOX by Lohasia yet, you’re going to love this! It’s a much needed service in Singapore for anyone trying to be more green and make better choices. Every 3 months, you receive a curated selection of healthy, […]

  • 14 Kitchen Ideas that Make Life Easier

    Creating an efficient kitchen gives me a weird sense of excitement –  but it’s because I know that when my kitchen is in order, I get happy about making food – and I believe that’s exactly how we need to feel! I’ve also thrown in a few extra ideas that will not only help you […]

  • On being different…

    I cycle my daughter to school. I always have. It’s much easier than dealing with the line-up of cars in the morning, plus it’s fun. Throughout kindergarden, she didn’t even think about it. But things are different now,  she started big girl school… On the first day, I realised that I was the only parent […]

  • Best Kids Posts of 2013

    The new year is fast approaching… seriously, how is it almost 2014 already!? This year has completely flown by, but looking back – I feel really good seeing all the projects and recipes that we did on Little Green Dot! For this 2013 flashback, let’s take look at my favorite kiddie recipes and ideas, although […]

  • Can’t lie – I’m freaking out a little…

    I’ve been invited to speak at this weekend’s Clean & Green Hackathon, which is a platform for urban solutions to our environmental issues. People from all walks of life, will be joining forces to build things that help us conserve and protect our environment, focusing on: air quality, dengue prevention, public cleanliness and recycling. I […]

  • My Office Tour!

    Hi! So excited to show a peek into my new office space… check it out! Ecosystem is a co-sharing work space for green businesses and initiatives and if there is anything I’ve learned is that when you surrounded yourself around inspiring, like minded people – big things happen! The best part has to be the […]