This recipe is a quick one – but a good one. Do this once a week for clean drains that smell fresh and won’t grow strange lifeforms that like to creep out and turn everything green and black… I know you know what I mean!


The recipe is this easy:

  • Pour (more like shove) baking soda down into the drain.
  • Pour in vinegar and allow it to sit and fizz for at least 10 minutes, then pour down hot water.

You’re done! Strange things won’t  grow up  your sink, you don’t pour any strange chemicals down your sink – everyone wins!


I’m running around the house – getting ready for my workshop tomorrow! We’re teaching Detox your Home and Detox your Skin. If you live in Singapore, check out our Green Living fb page for updates on future classes *EXCITING NEWS* but for everyone who doesn’t live in Singapore or can’t make it to a live event – we are putting the classes online!! I cannot wait to show you – we’ve been secretly working hard with designers and tech guys to create a program that will bring Green Living into your home! Expect to see more on that in the coming months!

In the meantime, try out this simple Drain Cleaner recipe and keep your home clean and green!

p.s – In my sink you’ll see my Muji hand-wash pump which is so great because it makes even my natural liquid soaps bubble and foam! Read about it here.

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  • Buy baking soda and vinegar in bulk sizes at Phoon Huat – a bakery supply store

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