I was so inspired by these images and making what’s called “moss graffiti paint a mixture of moss, water and buttermilk.  It gave me the idea to try it out on a stone Balinese statue that sits on my balcony. I thought he could use a nice coat of green, so,  I followed this exact recipe… and the results are far beyond what I expected! Clearly I picked up a lot more than moss!!

My statue now has a nice coat of moss and the most beautiful ferns draping his shoulders like a boa feather. The plants growing out of his ears and nose make me laugh every time I see him. I love it so much!!

Moss Graffiti Recipe ( adapted from Apartment Therapy

  1. Collect a good handful of moss. I found mine outside  of my building, under the shade.
  2. Wash off most of the dirt and place in a blender
  3. Add 1/2 cup of buttermilk plus 1 tablespoon of sugar
  4. Add luke warm water and blend until you get a thick, creamy consistency
  5. Paint the surface that you want covered in moss, but remember, you may get some other plants growing too!
  6. Mist the painted surface everyday and if you have extra mixture, keep it in the fridge to reapply
  7. Continue misting and reapplying moss paint until it begins to establish, or about 1 week
  8. Remember to choose an area away from direct sunlight for your moss to grow.




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