The best of 2016 – FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes

Happy holidays! Hope you’re having a really good one! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude this year, to have this space on the internet with you, which feels so much like home.  Thank you for being a reader of Little Green Dot, whether it was a quick pop in or a regular visit – I really appreciate you and love this community so much!

Each year, I like to do a year in review – to I look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been – so that I can reconnect with where I’m going. I read through old articles, looked at the comments and questions that came in throughout the year…

And there was one subject that really stood out as the most popular: natural beauty recipes.

So to celebrate this beautiful year – I thought I’d share our five best beauty posts and the moments that made them stand out.

I hope you feel inspired to get in the kitchen and have a go making something good for yourself! I look forward to sharing lots more recipes and ideas with you this new year. Here’s to making  2017 even bigger and brighter!

Militza Xx

BEST OF 2016

5 Natural Beauty Recipes


Whipped Body Butter

This recipe was made and tweeted about by a New York Times journalist! I saw his tweet, recognized his name…. And thought “Eek! Did he like it?”

Whipped Body Butter – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

…. and he did!

Check out my Homemade Body Butter Recipe now.

Lulur Scrub

This recipe sparked the biggest question of the year: “Will turmeric stain my skin?” Well, all I can say is that if you make this ages-old recipe, it won’t stain!  (I think the rice flour helps to scrub it out well enough…)

Lulur Scrub  – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

Find my lulur scrub recipe in The Bali Beauty Routine – Week Three.

Utama Spice’s Lip Balm Recipe

I was so excited about writing this article, that I showed up way too early for our meeting and hid outside, with the chickens and dogs. Ha!

Utama Spice's Lip Balm – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

That’s Ria on the left – and me, being total fan girl.

The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

Find out How to Make Utama Spice Bali’s Balm Recipe today.

Strawberry Gelato Body Scrub

You guys, this was my favorite scrub – making it and using it! If a body scrub can make you happy, this is it!

Strawberry Gelato Body Scrub – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

Whip up my Ice-cream Body Scrub and rock your Birthday Suit!

Bali Sea-Breeze Salt Spray

This sea salt hair spray made waves over on Pinterest. Ha! It was the most popular one!!

Bali Sea-Breeze Salt Spray – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes |

My salt spray is part of The Bali Beauty Routine – Week Four!

There you go! I hope you liked these recipes and here’s to making 2017 happy, healthy & green!

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