Happy holidays! Hope you’re having a really good one! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude this year, to have this space on the internet with you, which feels so much like home.  Thank you for being a reader of Little Green Dot, whether it was a quick pop in or a regular visit – I really appreciate you and love this community so much!

Each year, I like to do a year in review – to I look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been – so that I can reconnect with where I’m going. I read through old articles, looked at the comments and questions that came in throughout the year…

And there was one subject that really stood out as the most popular: natural beauty recipes.

So to celebrate this beautiful year – I thought I’d share our five best beauty posts and the moments that made them stand out.

I hope you feel inspired to get in the kitchen and have a go making something good for yourself! I look forward to sharing lots more recipes and ideas with you this new year. Here’s to making  2017 even bigger and brighter!

Militza Xx

BEST OF 2016
5 Natural Beauty Recipes

Whipped Body Butter

This recipe was made and tweeted about by a New York Times journalist! I saw his tweet, recognized his name…. And thought “Eek! Did he like it?”

Whipped Body Butter – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

…. and he did!

Check out my Homemade Body Butter Recipe now.

Lulur Scrub

This recipe sparked the biggest question of the year: “Will turmeric stain my skin?” Well, all I can say is that if you make this ages-old recipe, it won’t stain!  (I think the rice flour helps to scrub it out well enough…)

Lulur Scrub  – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

Find my lulur scrub recipe in The Bali Beauty Routine – Week Three.

Utama Spice’s Lip Balm Recipe

I was so excited about writing this article, that I showed up way too early for our meeting and hid outside, with the chickens and dogs. Ha!

Utama Spice's Lip Balm – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

That’s Ria on the left – and me, being total fan girl.

The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

Find out How to Make Utama Spice Bali’s Balm Recipe today.

Strawberry Gelato Body Scrub

You guys, this was my favorite scrub – making it and using it! If a body scrub can make you happy, this is it!

Strawberry Gelato Body Scrub – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

Whip up my Ice-cream Body Scrub and rock your Birthday Suit!

Bali Sea-Breeze Salt Spray

This sea salt hair spray made waves over on Pinterest. Ha! It was the most popular one!!

Bali Sea-Breeze Salt Spray – The best of 2016 - FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes | littlegreendot.com

My salt spray is part of The Bali Beauty Routine – Week Four!

There you go! I hope you liked these recipes and here’s to making 2017 happy, healthy & green!

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4 responses to “The best of 2016 – FIVE Natural Beauty Recipes”

  1. I’m so thankful to have found your blog and I must admit I am LOVING every bit of it, thank you! I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant/antipersperant but haven’t found anything I liked that can stand up tp my fairly active lifestlye of hot yoga, running, workout. Thoughts? Suggestions? (Maybe your future blogpost?!) Keep doing what you do, Thank you! xoxo

    • Hi Joanna! You’ve made my day – I’m so happy to hear it! Ah… deodorant. Ha! I have tried every recipe under the sun. I’ve tried many natural brands too and I totally feel you. So much of it is our own body chemistry too, sometimes a deodorant works until I get stressed or they work for a while, but then one day it just doesn’t at all… has that happened to you?

      Recently in Bali, I started using a natural formulation which did work well enough where I wasn’t embarrassed to hug my friends hello 🙂 The recipe was simple, aloe gel and essential oils – lemongrass and lavender. Essential oils are antibacterial, so the idea being that it reduces odor producing bacteria. Of course it doesn’t keep you dry, but when I’ve used baking soda based deodorants, it’s given me a bit of a rash and irritation. Which is common for some people.

      The story is – I’m still testing and looking. But I do think that essential oils can be a very effective deodorizer. You can create a balm, using shea and cacao butter with essential oils. You might add arrowroot powder to help with staying dry.

      But, yes = I’m totally inspired to put all this together and share recipes for deodorant! Thanks so much for writing in! Xx

  2. I am so glad to know you that I am very happy after read your blog. Actually a lot of pimples on my face, but I don’t know that how to reduce on my face? Can you help me to reduce it? You are looking so beautiful and all your tips are very informative. Whatever, thanks for sharing it.

    • Hi Madrell! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, you’re awesome! I truly believe in the power of simplifying the amount of products we use and turning to simple, natural ingredients to care for your skin. I’m creating a 5 Day Fresh start, like a skincare detox! I think you’ll like it! It’s coming out in the next two weeks, and it’s free 🙂 Are you on the newsletter? Sign up so that you can get all the details 🙂


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